An Easter *Tail* – er, TALE!

Posted April 5, 2012




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Description: Description: EasterTale2012_04

Bunella: It’s that time of the year again – *sigh*…

Oona Dolly: Yes… I’ve been trying to motivate myself for the task ahead –

Chocobunny: pffft, you got it easy]…



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_05

Bunella: It’s not just the work and stress of the egg delivery; I’m still haunted by my brothers’ demises. It’s really taken the joy out of the holiday for me –

Oona Dolly: I know, I know, Bunella! I didn’t mean to disregard your feelings, but I felt unsure about bringing that up –

Chocobunny: notice they don’t ask ME about my issues with this holiday! no one eats THEIR ears first!...



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_08

Bunella: Oh, I’m sorry to be a wet blanket! So many people love this time of year and look forward to it; I shouldn’t be selfish and dwell on my family losses, I know –

Oona Dolly: But you can’t pretend it never happened; I understand! Still, we must buck up and do our duty; it’s all about the children, and making the holiday a happy memory for them –

Chocobunny: me, I just wanna HEAR after the holiday…that too much to ask?...



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_12

Black Bunny: Guess you didn’t get the memo, didja?

White Rabbit: Doesn’t sound like it –

Bunella: OH! My goodness, what – who are you two?

Black Bunny: Heh, we’re your replacements! You been downsized –

Oona Dolly: Looks to me like your costumes were downsized!

Chocobunny: hubba-hubba!



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_13

Black Bunny: Get with the times, sweetie – no more footie PJs. We’re the new wave in Easter bunnies, and it’s all about product placement! *bounce*

White Rabbit: It’s a whole new game in egg distribution, and we’re here to boost the interest in the holiday –



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_18

Bunella: Oh my heavens – I – I can’t look anymore… this is TOO shocking – *flustered*

Oona Dolly: Here now, have some respect for Bunella! Besides, you’re not proper rabbits in those get-ups –

Black Bunny: Who said we were supposed to be “proper” –*giggle*

White Rabbit: We’re rabbits all righty – we’ve got poofy little tails *wiggle* –

Chocobunny: *wolf whistle*!



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_21

Bunella: Oh, oh – my head… it aches so! Oh, oh, oh…

White Bunny: Well, time for us to go to work –

Oona Dolly: See what you’ve done! You’ve upset Bunella, and I’m pretty well riled up about this disrespect from you – you flibberdegibbits! *huff*

Black Bunny: Eh, relax – enjoy your retirement – sounds like you NEED it *snicker*!



Description: Description: EasterTale2012_23

Warwick: Heh, I know I like what I got in MY Easter basket *grin*.

Georgine: Ah-ah, watch the tail, hon – this costume’s a rental!


(I know, I know, no Sparrows this year – they’re on Spring Break! But if you need a Sparrows Easter fix, follow these links to past years’ stories –

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No respect for tradition, is the lesson (if any) learned here…


Beware the tides of estrogen, especially that of teen-age girls –



*Schoolgirl* RUMBLE



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