A Bee In Their Easter Bonnets...

Posted April 8, 2007




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Buddha Girl: Eh, it EASTER! How you like our bonnets?

Angry Sparrow: Dey big.

Tragic Plum: Oh my head – it’s hard to hold it up… oooh



Buddha Girl: I feel like I wearing big CABBAGE rose – maybe it good for soup later on.



Angry Sparrow: Mine make good UFO if it fly away.



Tragic Plum: I really don’t know what good mine is – aesthetic mostly – or PROSTHETIC… ooooh




Diggory Rabbit is out for a walk…

Diggory: **to self** Another Easter… and it’s the anniversary of my poor brother Bun-Bun’s demise. I know he was a thief and a thug, but… that was a terrible way to die…



Diggory: Ah, some little girls dressed up for the holiday – isn’t that nice?

Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, look who comin’!



Diggory: I’m sorry, little girls, but I cannot tarry today – could you please let me pass?

Buddha Girl: Eh, rabbit, you mighty fancy --- you SOLID?

Angry Sparrow: If you solid, you be good eatin’.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we’d really have something to celebrate with then…



Diggory: “Eat” -- ? Uh-oh -- ! *gulp*


A little later…


Young Tabitha: Maeby and me have looked EVERYWHERE for our chocolate bunny, Brother – who d’you think took it?

Maeby: Yes, we looked’n’looked’n’looked

Chance: Well, there’re a lot of suspects in this house. Did you  hide it, and forget where you put it?

Young Tabitha: I sure wouldn’t forget a SOLID chocolate bunny!

Kenzo: I wouldn’t think so…



Young Tabitha: Oh NOOOOO! Here’s its wrapper – it’s GONE!!!

Maeby: Oh oh ohnobunny!

Chance: I’d say it’s not a good prospect for the bunny, all right –

Kenzo: Considering how quickly that brand melts, no…



Maeby: Dey ate it ALLLLLL… !

Young Tabitha: We gotta find the louse who did this!



Kenzo: And I’d say the suspect or suspects will be easy to spot, too. *grin*

Chance: No kidding…


In another part of the house…


Buddha Girl: Dat BEST Easter bunny I ever eat *BURP*.

Angry Sparrow: *urp* Dat MOST I ever eat.

Tragic Plum: OOOOOH… No more chocolate… EVER… ooooh



Kenzo: Hey, little girlies – why are you hiding out here, with chocolate all over your faces, hm? I know there’s an Easter bunny that’s gone missing, and I’ve heard tell of what you can do to bunnies –

Buddha Girl: Oh-oh, we busted *burp*.

Angry Sparrow: We BUSTIN’, too *urp*.

Tragic Plum: OOOOOH… I couldn’t possibly run away, anyway…



Kenzo: I hate to think what Kohana  will have to say when she hears about this –

Buddha Girl: Kenzo-san, I too sick right now to care what Kohana say… *urp*.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh… we take our lumps *burp*.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh… maybe she’ll have mercy and doctor us… oooooooh




An arm-wrestling tournament held by galatia9’s crew made for much excitement, and while Shakkyo did not win in the final round, nevertheless he scored well, and afterwards through his interpreter Tadashi, sent a message to Zimta, to which she replied…


Friend Shakkyo, so gracious it is of you to ask after our household



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