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Posted April 4, 2007 by Oona




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…Of administering your personality tests on two of our “eligibles” here. As I thought, these two are opposites – which should prove interesting to see who they attract here on the boards.



Oona: According to your test’s terminology, Neville here is a Guardian type, sub-category Inspector. That sounds rather serious. To quote: “Patient with their work and procedures although not always patient with individual goals and unauthorized behavior of some people there.  They are comfortable when people know the rules, follow the guidelines and operate within the rules - rules are there to be followed, not gotten around for personal reasons.  Goods will be inspected and schedules will be kept, resources will be up to standard and delivered when and where they are supposed to be.  They would prefer that everyone's attitudes and actions be law-abiding, can be adamant about the need for rule-compliance in the workplace and are not above reporting any irregularities to the proper authorities.  Some people see them as having ice water in their veins for people fail to see their good intentions and their vulnerability to criticism.”

Neville: And your point is -- ?



Oona: Welllll… it doesn’t make you sound very… lovable.

Neville: But I will be steady -- and faithful.

Oona: Hmmm… so are dogs.



Neville: Fine. Just go ahead and wreck any chances for my future happiness. I don’t need your help, anyway! **exits**

Oona: Guess I could’ve handled that better… anyway, ladies, don’t let me stop you if you think you’re interested in giving Neville a go. Deep down, I think he’d like to hear from you. Next on our agenda is – Tarquin.



Tarquin: Hey Oona, here I am, ready to meet the girls of my dreams! **flashing dazzling smile**

Oona: Aren’t we eager and rarin’ to go here. *blush* Just like your personality profile, which says you are an Artisan sub-category The Performer. Suits you to a tee. To quote: “This type is the natural performer of all the other types.  For whom "all the world is a stage".  Playful and fun loving, their primary social interest lies in stimulating others around them arousing their senses and their pleasurable emotions - charming them to cast off their concerns and lighten up.  They radiate warmth and festivity and are able to lift other's spirits with their contagious good humor and their irrepressible joy of living… They are the most generous of all the types and second only to one other type in kindness.  They haven't a mean or stingy bone in their body – what’s theirs is yours - and they seem to have little idea of saving or conserving.  They view life as an eternal cornucopia from which flows an endless supply of pleasures that require no effort on their part to crate or to insure.  They give what they have to one and all without expectation of reward, just as they love freely and without expecting anything in return.”

Tarquin: No surprises here. That’s me, girls. I will NOT disappoint! And I know there’s plenty of good-lookin’ girls on this board. Don’t be shy. *wink*



Oona: A-hem! You heard it here first, ladies. We’ll be watching for your posts here on the board, and feel free to e-mail any inquiries to the addy listed above.

Tarquin: Hey, if you want to try out ol’ Neville there, I don’t mind. Poor guy could use a little fun –

Neville: **off-screen** I DON’T need YOUR help!!!!

Tarquin: Relax there, buddy. It must be tough being so uptight.

Neville: ARRRRRGH!



Oona: Tarquin, guess we’d better wrap this up for now -- do you have any parting words for anyone?

Tarquin: Yes… I’ve heard tell there’s a pair of pretty twins on the board who look like they appreciate having some fun. Just give me a buzz anytime, I’m good to go.

Oona: So I hear…



Another Easter Bunny meats an untimely end, and guess who’s responsible?


A Bee In Their Easter Bonnets



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