Dream a little dream of me..., Part 1

Posted April 3, 2007




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Fenchurch asleep… what could she be dreaming of?...









Fenchurch: **suddenly awakes** I – I was just dreaming about you! WHO are you?

Tivadar: I am Tivadar, warrior prince of the Steppes. I was you in another life. Now I have come to protect you, from those who would harm you, be it your person or your honor.

Fenchurch: Ohhhhh… am I in need of that much protection? I’m just this girl, you know.

Tivadar: Yes – there are strange things afoot, portents of evil that I can no longer ignore.



Fenchurch: That sounds pretty dramatic. Are you sure? I mean, yes, some pretty odd stuff has happened to me since I started living here, but I didn’t think it was dangerous –

Tivadar: If I stay, then may be these things will not come to pass. You do not wish to take that chance, do you?

Fenchurch: Well… our guardian here says the more the merrier, so I suppose it won’t matter if you stay. Though you will need a sense of humor – do you have one?



Tivadar: Sense – of humor – This depends. We found heads rolling on the ground most humorous at times. Will that do?

Fenchurch: Oh, that should do nicely. I think you’ll get the hang of it. *grin*  You know, there’s something more familiar about you than just that dream I had tonight. I’ve always had these – glimpses, in my mind, of swinging a sword on some bloody battleground, and um, enjoying it. I’m guessing that was you?

Tivadar: Indeed. I have always enjoyed my work. *smile*

Fenchurch: *yawn* Sorry about that. Not that I find you dull or anything, but it’s still the middle of the night, so if you don’t mind, I’m going back to sleep.



Tivadar: Not at all. I need no sleep for now, so I shall stand guard by your bedside.

Fenchurch: Ummmm, o-kayyy… **drifts off**



Next morning –

Fenchurch: You’re still here! It wasn’t all just a dream.

Tivadar: No, a dream I am not. And I am, as I said, here to protect and serve you.

Fenchurch: Haha, I doubt that means breakfast!



Tivadar: *puzzled* Breakfast -- ?

Fenchurch: Humor. Sorry, just a little joke. *smile*

Tivadar: Joke… humor… strange things in this time. I will learn, I suppose.



Fenchurch: Yup, that you will – if you’re to survive around here! Anyhoo, I’d better get up and get dressed. Er, you don’t have to follow me in the bathroom – please!

Tivadar: Very well. But it is a vulnerable place –

Fenchurch: Trust me, I’ll be okay. You can stand outside the door, if that makes you feel any better.



Tabitha: Okay, who the h*ll are you? And why are you standing in my way?

Tivadar: I am the personal guard of Fenchurch of Amick. She has the use of this privy; go away, little girl.

Tabitha: Well, if you don’t let me by, I’ll privy on your foot, tough guy!



Fenchurch: I’m done now – let her in, Tivadar. Can’t you see she’s dancing around? Besides, she means what she says most of the time. I wouldn’t take a chance on your boots getting messed.

Tabitha: **sticks out tongue** Nyah, so there, ya bully! **slams door**



Tivadar: *frowns* It is not seemly for little girls to be so bold.

Fenchurch: Welcome to the twenty-first century.





Dream a little dream of me… Part 2

Posted on April 3, 2007



**Enter Fenchurch and Tivadar**

Winslow: Who’s the costumed dude, Fen? It’s a little early for Halloween.

Fenchurch: Win! Watch it – this is Tivadar, one of my previous incarnations. He can be pretty free and easy with that sword he’s carrying. Although he is at my command. Tivadar, this is my cousin, Winslow. And that’s Kenzo, and Chance with him. **they wave**



Winslow: Here we go again, Fen. How many more, um, persons are you going to be spinning off, you think? Maybe we need to get you back to Arizona.

Fenchurch: It’s only been two, so far. Though who knows -- *shrug*  Maybe Ms. Beamlette is behind all this somehow. She does like to collect us.



Kenzo: You get used to it. Funny thing, Fen – he does look like you.

Chance: I see what he means. Not that I mean you look a like a guy – er – or he looks girly – ummm, I think I’d better shut up now… **Tivadar glares**



Fenchurch: Tivadar says he’s here to protect me, that there’s – how did you put it –

Tivadar: Portents of evil that can no longer be ignored, mistress.

Winslow: No kidding – he must mean Fabien, ya think? Though she’s been here a while now – you’re getting a late start.



Winslow: And speak of the devil – here she is! Ears were on fire, I bet.

Fabien: **enters with Yevgeny in tow** Not me – though close! *to Yev* I did try setting your ears on fire this morning, didn’t I?

Yevgeny: It’s the little things that mean a lot. They’re what I live for.



Fabien: **sees Tivadar** HIM! When the h*ll did HE get loose?

Tivadar: **brandishing sword** You, wench of darkness! Keep your distance from my mistress!

Fabien: Yeah, yeah, yeah – I get the picture. Not to worry, I haven’t harmed a pretty little

golden hair of her head yet, wasn’t intending to. My business is with the MEN – boys,

whatever… though I gotta say, you’re pretty hot-lookin’, Mister Swash and Buckle! You ever

wanna let down your hair sometime, let me know! *grin*



Tivadar: I would as soon couple with a hyena.

Yevgeny: Here now, how dare you speak of my darling wicked love in such terms! She may be rough, but she does it SO well!

Easton: **enters room** Yeah, if you like being drug through a knothole! Who’s the Dark Avenger, here?



Winslow: Another spin-off of Fenchurch. I wouldn’t get smart with this one – he’ll behead first, and won’t bother to ask any questions now or later.

Easton: My little sister –

Fenchurch: Half- !

Easton: Have it your way, Fen – half-sister, is full of surprises, isn’t she? You wonder what’s coming next – maybe Future Fenchurch? An old crone, or a cyborg?



Fenchurch: Whatever it turns out to be, it still won’t give you the time of day.

Easton: You are too harsh by half, li’l half-sister.

Yevgeny: Would she had been even half that with me –

Winslow: I wish we’d just kicked your ass.



Fabien: Fun as this little get-together is – NOT! – I’m splitting. Don’t fall on your sword or anything before I get back, Princey baby. **exits with Yev on her heels**

Tivadar: Only if I have no choice.

Easton: Eh, it’s not THAT bad. Although I wouldn’t mind having that time back again.



Tivadar: I said there was danger afoot. It is more serious than I thought.

Fenchurch: Sometimes she’s just talk. And she does get distracted easily.

Winslow: Mind like a steel-trap sieve.

Easton: And teeth like a steel trap, too… **rubs neck in memory**



Returning to Cassandra and Oona’s little project of matching up the “eligibles” (boys without steady girlfriends), Oona showcases two opposites for the delectation of any girls watching:


Cassandra, I thought you might like to know the results



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