Trod light, trod bright...

Posted April 2, 2007




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Tabitha: ANOTHER d*mn elf around here! As if that goofy Zimta wasn’t enough trouble!

Inigo: My pardon, Miss Tabitha – I didn’t mean to upset you. **pause** You said another elf lives here?



Tabitha: YESSSSS – that Zimta! If she isn’t changing the channels, she’s eating all the candy or getting everyone all in a lather about her honey -- who’s ANOTHER goofball – I have NO idea what the h*ll HE is! **stomps off in a huff**

Inigo: **to self** Another elf  **hears a little voice calling**

Zimta: **from other room** Oh please, please – is there no one who can help me?



Inigo: **following voice** Ah –you are the other elf she spoke of! Inigo is my name, and I would gladly assist you.

Zimta: Oh most kind are you… I… ‘tis a favor odd I must ask…

Inigo: How so?



Zimta: A friend so kind and generous to me sent these slippers, made by his hand in the art of origami it is called… I so desire to wear them, but… dare I not to walk in them, lest they be dirtied and tattered.

Inigo: I see… they are a pretty piece of work, indeed. So… what is the favor you ask Zimta?

Zimta: Could you… carry me to the room where Miss Oona is? Show her these lovely slippers I would. **wags feet**



Inigo: I could… but could not you just take them off when you need to walk from place to place?

Zimta: Oh! **eyes brighten** This is so… see how this kind gift has made me quite silly with joy. *giggle* Even friend Shakkyo himself said so in his missal that hoped he would I wear them, and more for me he could make!



Inigo: Tell me, Zimta… is he – is Shakkyounusual? I ask because Miss Tabitha was saying something that I believe alluded to him.

Zimta: Un-u-su-al… yes… this is so… but it maketh him all the more special, think I.  He – like a LION is he!

Inigo: Brave then, is he?

Zimta: Oh, yes… but ‘tis more than that – his visage is as a LION!

Inigo: Ah… **thinks on this** That is unusual…



Zimta: Maketh he also this wee tree, called bonsai, and these birds of paper they call tsuru – cranes, which signify HONOR and LOYALTY, most noble attributes, do you not agree?

Inigo: Indeed… this Shakkyo is a man of many talents, Zimta. Perhaps I may be fortunate to meet him someday.



Oona: **enters** There you are, Zimta, I take it the mail has come today. And hello again, Inigo.

Inigo: **little head nod** Hello, Miss Oona.

Zimta: Please to see what friend Shakkyo has sent. **shows feet**



Oona: Oh, how sweet! And I see the tsuru as well, as he promised.

Zimta: But still know not I which is his favorite…

Oona: He didn’t tell you yet? Maybe you should guess.



Zimta: Perhaps if I give them a home safe in the little tree, they will in time tell me…



Meanwhile, more surprises for Fenchurch, which means yet another inhabitant added to the household, in:


Dream a little dream of me…



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