Hey, Kaida, you are SO lookin’ good -

Posted March 29, 2007 by Kenzo




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And busy as usual, doing something new. *grin*



Yeah, I remember Pete! Tell him I’m thinking of getting an electric violin – then he’ll REALLY have something to hook up to. Tell him hey for me.



Kenzo: As you can see, the Sparrow sisters are here with me. They’re all for being consultants for our world domination plan –

Buddha Girl: Yeh! We all for dat!

Angry Sparrow: Jus’ don’ tell Kohana.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, please don’t tell her… it’s not really necessary… ooooh….



I think that’s a great idea to bring in Persephone as a communications officer –



Persephone: Yes… it would surely give me something to occupy my mind…



Be sure to save that big kiss for me – you don’t need to send it via Pete, haha!



I sure do miss you…






Lookin’ good, Kenzo… *smile*


April started somewhat sweetly, with the arrival of Shakkyo’s promised origami to Zimta, and an appearance by the reluctant elf Inigo:


Trod light, trod bright…



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