Spring, and a young *girl’s* fancy...

Posted March 28, 2007




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Natsumi: Isn’t it nice out here this afternoon, with spring coming on.

David: M-hm. But it’s always great weather, as far as I’m concerned, when I’m with you, Natsumi. *smile*

Natsumi: **soft laugh** Make me blush, why don’t you! …but I won’t argue.

David: Better not! Let’s enjoy spring break while we can.



Natsumi: I know. Then back to classes. And decisions.

David: Still not sure yet?

Natsumi: Uh-huh. I can’t seem to decide which is better. Not that my folks haven’t figured it out already. I know they mean well, but –

David: It’s your life. You have to do what you really think will make a difference.



Natsumi: I go back and forth. On one hand, to be a doctor -- it’s more schooling, and – more prestigious, which my parents argue for. But – nurses are needed too, and I can get through school faster and be out there, working – helping people. Money is nice, it’s useful, it’s necessary – but – that’s not what drives me. I realized that while candystriping.

David: That’s part of what I like about you – you aren’t as shallow as a lot of girls your age – heck, my age, for that matter. You have a good head on your shoulders, as well as a good looking one. **strokes hair**



Natsumi: There you go again! You’re pretty good-looking yourself, as well as quite the talker. Next thing you know, I’ll look like a bobble-head!

David: Nuh-uh. I’m just telling the truth.



Natsumi: Are you sure you shouldn’t be a salesman instead of an architect, then? *smile*



David: *shrug* You do have to sell yourself, if you’re going to get projects to build. But I couildn’t just talk all the time. You have to be “on”, if you know what I mean, to sell. I like it when it’s just me and the computer, figuring out a design, and whether it works.



Natsumi: Yes… you want to create something… something lasting –

David: And, like you, contribute. I want to design houses that are more than just exercises in imagination and consumption. We really need houses that are more efficient and functional, and at the same time, are pleasing to the eye. It’s a challenge, and I want to meet that challenge. It’s part of what living in this century is about. Like my grandfather had his challenge in the 20th century, being an aeronautical engineer. Think about how flight changed over that century, from those first rickety things to now. When he talks about it, I see what a new frontier that was, and the excitement of being part of that. I want to be as excited about what I do.



Natsumi: You are. I see it in your eyes.

David: Mm, do you… **leans forward to kiss her**



**a little cry and rustling from the shrubbery**

Natsumi: Did you hear that?

David: Huh – some bird, you think?



Natsumi: I don’t know…  Gosh, it is starting to get darker – I’d better get home.

David: Yes… I guess you better. Let’s go.



Persephone: *sigh*



It hurts to see the usually cool and collected Persephone so sad…


Meantime, Kenzo continues to keep lines of communication open with Kaida, commenting on her latest adventure, in:


Hey, Kaida, you are SO lookin’ good –



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