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Posted March 27, 2007




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Kenzo: **typing** “Hey, Kaida, thought I’d better e-mail you and see what you’re doing.”



Persephone: Are you writing to Kaida?



Kenzo: Uh-huh. I’m trying to be a better boyfriend. *chuckle*  Last I heard, she was home, plotting world domination.



Persephone: An admirable goal…

Kenzo: I’ll say. We need more short people in charge.



Persephone: So true. I love my brother Waramon, but he takes up too much space and oxygen. Ditto my cousin Boudicca, minus the love part. We vertically-challenged people are much more ecological. Please tell her she has my whole-hearted support. And if she has any openings for posts in her new world order, to consider me –- just after you, of course.

Kenzo: Of course. *grin*



Buddha Girl: **enters** Eh, I hear you talkin’ about bein’ SHORT. You not know what it REALLY like be short!

Kenzo: Well, relatively speaking –-

Buddha Girl: I gots relatives too dat shorter dan you and you girlfrien’. So don’ talk at me ‘bout SHORT!



Persephone: She does have a point. I do appear nicely gigantic next to her.

Buddha Girl: Yeh, an’ you gots da FEET to prove it!

Persephone: Then I should think you had better watch out for these feet, or any others around here –



Kenzo: Um, Perseph, I think you’d better cool it –

Persephone: Oh – yes… I’m not up to being used as a bowling pin today.

Buddha Girl: Dat more like it. RESPECK us!

Persephone: Indeed.



Kenzo: As I recall, Buddha Girl, you and your sisters didn’t threaten Kaida’s sister Kohana when you met them last year. Why was that? **arching an eyebrow**

Buddha Girl: **hangs head** Don’ wanna say…



Kenzo: Maybe I should invite them to come visit – what do you think about that? I’ll write Kaida right now –

Buddha Girl: No! Don’ do dat, Kenzo-san. I be good – WE be good! Honest! **hugs his leg**



Kenzo: Okay then… And… to show I’m not such a meanie, I have a present I’ve been saving for you and your little sisters. Persephone’s remark reminded me –

Persephone: Did it then… this I would like to see.


A little while later…


Buddha Girl: Eh, STRIKE! You go, Sister! An’ tanks, Kenzo-San. You Oh-Kay in our book.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, OH-KAY.

Tragic Plum: Yes, this is ever so much fun… oooh, but watch out for the ball… oooh

Persephone: **rubs shin** I don’t disagree with THAT.

Kenzo: Just a little gutterball, is all. *snerk*



Buddha Girl has found a new way to spell, “respect” – wonder what Aretha would think?


We learn more about Persephone, as well as David and Natsumi, in:


Spring, and a young *girl’s* fancy…



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