Tanaka Tadashi, please to convey

 my gratitude to Shakkyo

Posted March 22, 2007 by Zimta




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Shown has he great generosity in sending me this precious tree, entrusting me with its care – endeavor shall I to be worthy of this trust…




And now has he made for me *slippers* so fair – indeed do I like flowers…



Blush my feet do at this attention… but it maketh them merry, too… !



Please to tell Shakkyo so kind is he to ask after my fall… well am I; ‘twas just a little spill…



His kindnesses have made me quite forget it… but never him…



Though he be modest, saying he is no master, beg I to differ… but argue not will I with him… and my head I bow in deepest thanks.


Your humble friend,




Kenzo is trying to be more mindful of his relationship with lovely Kaida, which he proves here –


Just Up Our Alley



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