What’s in the box Zimta’s opening?

Posted March 21, 2007




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Zimta: Ah, friend Shakkyo has sent me this lovely wee tree nurtured by his hand…



Zimta: **singing** Oh, little little green tree, who has come to me from far away… the master’s hand has entrusted meeeee -- with your dearest care…



Buddha Girl: Hey, green-hair lady, dat a mighty fine bonsai you gots! We used to have one, long time ago.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, it got burned up.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, all crispy… no longer green like yours… ooooh

Zimta: I am sad for you, little ones, that you no longer have your bonsai – but many thanks to you for your compliments on mine!



Tancredi: Ah, un arbre petit. Zat ees ver-ree nice, Mam-zelle Zeem-ta. Eet brightens up ze maison, no?

Zimta: Such a kind thing you say, Man of Tan. Is it not a jewel of horticulture, and am I not the most fortunate of recipients?



Oona: What is all the excitement about? – oh!

Zimta: From friend Shakkyo came this bonsai to me – such an honor – you know he grew and shaped it himself, did you not?

Buddha Girl: Yeh, we could use anudder bonsai aroun’ here!

Tancredi: Oui – a LIVE one ees so much ze bettaire



Oona: Oh Zimta, I hate to tell you this but -- **whispers rest in Zimta’s ear**

Zimta: OH!!!!! Miss Oona, NO!!!!






Zimta: NOTHING must EVER happen to this precious plant – NEVER could I face friend Shakkyo then. BEG I of you to avert your eyes from these innocent leaves -- *sob*

Oona: My goodness -- !



Hibou: *hoooo* hear-I-friend-Zimta-voice-sad- *hoo* -why?- …**spots Sparrows**

Oona: Now, Hibou

Zimta: **weeping to herself – at least it’s watering the plant**

Buddha Girl: Uh-oh, it dat crazy bird lady!

Angry Sparrow: She got dat look.

Tragic Plum: I don’t think she cares about the BONSAI – ooooh

Tancredi: Non, she ees no ve-gee-terienne, lee-tle bir-dees



Tancredi: Eh, FLY, lee-tle birdies – ozher-wise you shall be hors-d’oeuvres on ze car-pet.

Hibou: *hooooo* -morsels-tasty-run-not-away- *hoohoo*

Buddha Girl: RUN, sisters! Dis no time to sight-see!

Angry Sparrow: It more like FRIGHT-see.

Tragic Plum: Oh, I NEVER like scary things… nooooo

Zimta: **still weeping** Hurt not the little ones *snif* Hurt not the tree *sob*…

Oona: WHY do things get so complicated around here?... as if I don’t know the answer to THAT.



Though she may go to pieces, Zimta always recovers her composure and manners, and thanks Shakkyo again in this sweet piece:


Tanaka Tadashi, please to convey my gratitude to Shakkyo



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