Beckham in the library

Posted March 12, 2007




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Beckham: **to self** So I can say honestly I used the computers… cleared some spam, anyway. Huh… there’s Fenchurch over there.



Beckham: Hey, Fenchurch… Um, can I talk to you?

Fenchurch: Sure, have a seat.

Beckham: Thanks. Say… whatcha reading?



Fenchurch: A book on on ancient Egypt – my favorite subject. I plan to be an archaeologist.

Beckham: Wow… I’m going to be an investment banker like my dad. Guess I should be reading more about that, huh?



Fenchurch: That depends – I also read these books for entertainment, as well as novels and histories. You can read for the sake of reading, not just because you have to. Are there any subjects you like besides your future career?

Beckham: Huhhhhhlemme think –



Beckham: Y’know… I used to like reading about the Old West. Cowboys, the settling of AmericaLewis and Clark. It’s been a while. Maybe I should look ‘em up.

Fenchurch: Sounds great. There’s some good books on those subjects here. Go for it *smile*.



**from across the library**

Dorothy: Well, well – what have we here?



Dorothy: Here’s quite the photo op… yes…



Dorothy: Say it with pictures. Just for you, Demelza… your eyes and ears on the world *smirk*.



Beckham: Actually, I wanted to ask you – ‘cause I need an unbiased girl’s point of view… me and my girlfriend, Demelza… I’m crazy about her, but – she drives me really crazy sometimes. When I can’t take it anymore, I say I’m breaking up – but – she –cries– and I can’t take it when she cries, either. I don’t really wanna hurt her. I guess I wish I knew what I should do, some way I can make it work better.

Fenchurch: Do you try to talk about it?

Beckham: Yeah, well… not really. We never get that far. It’s always same ol’, same ol’.



Fenchurch: Maybe it’s the way you talk, saying the same thing over, and expecting something different to happen. You can’t change Demelza, but you can change what you say, which may make her think different, if the script’s changed on your end. You have to keep yourself from making the same reaction to what she says or does, which isn’t easy. Stay calm.

Beckham: Uh-huh…



Beckham: Ummm… our biggest arguments are about… sex. I, um, think she wants it, then… she stops right in the middle. It isn’t fair…

Fenchurch: No, it sure isn’t. That’s why if you really care about you as a couple, you have to get serious about talking it over first, understanding expectations. And – for the “girl” perspective, remember – it’s riskier for her.



Beckham: Oh… yeah… you’re right. Damn…



Fenchurch: Perspective helps. Just be patient.



Fenchurch: Well, I’d better get home now. It was nice talking with you, Beckham – good luck with Demelza. You can work it out.

Beckham: Yeah, hey, Fenchurch. I – I think you helped. Really. See ya around.



Beckham: **to self** I’d better get over to Dem’s – before I lose my nerve…



Dorothy is getting to be quite the b*tch


Shakkyo’s promised origami and bonsai have arrived, causing a stir –


What’s in the box Zimta’s opening?



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