“Dear Martha Jean...

Posted March 8, 2007 by Persephone




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 “…yes, I was aware Shulamith was up your way. Sounds like she’s getting what she deserves. Not that I have anything against her – but I don’t have anything FOR her, either. Be that as it may…



 “… So Cassandra finds her match in the long, tall and loquacious Eli, hm? Do you think anything will result from that flirtation? It does provide fodder for the boards. As for that Certain Someone…



 “… he remains elusive as ever. I suppose he commandeers the laptop late at night, to be sending you messages. It certainly isn’t on my watch…



 “… Otherwise, it’s the usual folderol around here. And I am but a bit player, second string.


Regards from your friend,




Once again Varius steals across, and steals the scene.


Beckham does indeed go to the library, and who should he meet there, but…


Beckham in the library



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