Beyond the Valley of the Jellybeans

Posted April 3, 2010




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Dorothy: **checking text message** Natsumi says she’s waiting for us –

Oona: No prob, I’m almost ready here –

Demelza: I wonder what she’s wearing today *smile* –



Oona: Knowing her, it’ll be classic, and classy –

Demelza: Oh yes, she always knows just what to wear – though I hope she thinks about Easter, and spring, and maybe something sweet and pastel-y –



Demelza: Speaking of Easter, your bunny and Peep are so cute, and you even dressed up that darling little doll in a bunny costume, too! I know you told us a while ago, but where did you get this little doll that looks like you?



Oona: Haha, she does look like me, doesn’t she? She was a special birthday gift from my Great-aunt Rei, when I turned nine. Auntie Rei was a famous doll-maker, so it was quite an honor – though she seemed to think the doll had some special powers –

Demelza: What a fun story – I wonder what kind of powers she meant –


(Previously: The Story Of Oona Dolly)



Dorothy: The power to creep people out, that’s for sure – but then, most dolls do *hmph*.



Demelza: Oh, Dorothy! She’s not at all creepy – she’s very nice.  I  like her, anyway…



Oona: Doro didn’t play much with dolls when we were kids, did you? *laughs* Anyway, I’m ready now, so let’s be off to Nat’s –

Dorothy: **texting** Sure – I’ll let her know –

Demelza: You didn’t play dolls, Doro?

Oona: She was kinda half-hearted about it, which is funny, considering how she likes to run things –



Dorothy: Eh – it’s more fun playing with REAL people *snerk* –

**they exit**



Oona Dolly: Okay, the coast’s clear – let’s get on the road. Gus’ll be waiting for us –

Lavender Bunny: Gotcha – don’t wanna keep Gus waiting –

Yellow Chick Peep: Yes, Gus hates it when you keep him waiting!





Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, I gots sometinwat’ll help us get de goods dis Easter! You gonna love it!

Angry Sparrow: I tink I love it alreddy.

Tragic Plum: Oooh, sister… just as long as it doesn’t hurt US, I’m sure I’ll love it… oooooh



Buddha Girl: I gots us a BIG basket, for de eggs and de candy – lotsa room, so we don’t miss out –

Angry Sparrow: Good tinkin’ alright. It gonna be a haul dis year.

Tragic Plum: Ooh, but – WHO will HAUL it for US when it’s FULL?... ooooh



Buddha Girl: Eh, dat jus’ a tech’ality. We figger dat out when de time come –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh – use de Horsey Boy den, no problem.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh… why do I have the feeling all of a sudden that that will be the LEAST of our problems?... oooooooooooh



Something tells me this will NOT be pretty – so we leave the rest to your imaginations.


On to less dangerous-looking pastimes, and to a serious conversation –


More Answers – And More Questions



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