The Story Of Oona Dolly

Posted April 23, 2009




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Oona Dolly was a birthday gift to Young Oona, from her great-aunt Rei Fujiwara, who was a doll-maker of some renown…


Auntie Rei: Happy birthday, my dear little great-niece – I have brought you a special present to mark this occasion.

Young Oona: Thank you, Auntie – such a big box! Is it – ?



Auntie Rei: – a doll? But of course, Oona dear – what else would I bring for your birthday? *chuckle*

Oona: Ohhhhhhh…Auntie! She – she’s SO pretty! And, um, she – she looks like –



AuntieRei: Yes, dear, like you.

Young Oona: Oh, Auntie, this is a WONDERFUL present – thank you SO much! I shall take very good care of her, and love her forever!



Auntie Rei: *to self* Be sure that you do, child… *chuckle*.



And so, Young Oona happily named her wonderful new doll “Oona Dolly”, and made her part of her daily life –


She dressed her, and groomed her with great care –

Young Oona: Now hold still, Oona Dolly, while I brush your hair –

Oona Dolly: Yes, Oona Mommy, I’m holding as still as I can! *giggle*.



They played at all the things that girly little girls love to do –

Young Oona: Some milk for your tea, Oona Dolly?

Oona Dolly: Oh, yes, please – I would like that very much! *smile*



At night, they slept together, their heads filled with sweet little girl dreams.



Eventually, though, little girls grow up –


Oona of course was no exception, and her thoughts centered on things other than dolls –

Oona: *calling* I’ll be right there, Paladin – I’m almost ready!



Oona Dolly was relegated to just another decoration, like the stuffed toys –

Oona Dolly: *siiiiigh*…



So, to ease the boredom –


That is why Oona Dolly became a double-agent! *da-DUM!*



Awww, it’s just a little bunny wabbit… or is it?


For one of the few resin mothers in my troupe, this was supposed to be just another Sunday, but –


“Happy MOMMY’S Day!”



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