A-Easter Egg Hunting We Will Go

Posted April 12, 2009




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Ninette: Ooooh, I wanna find LOTS of eggs today – I wonner where to start –

Oona Dolly: Don’ worry, Ninette – there’s plenty if we just look –



Ninette: You so right, Oona Dolly – we’re gonna find SO many – see?

Oona Dolly: I tol’ you, Ninettelook, they even grow on TREES, haha!



Ninette and Oona Dolly happily chatter away, finding eggs. Meantime, here comes Moth and Lovechild…


Moth: When we gonna fin’ us some eggs, Lov’chil’? Huh? Huh?

Lovechild: *sigh* If you would LOOK, and not chatter so much –



Moth: Oh, lookie, I see one – I wants DAT one, kin you help me get it? **pointing**

Lovechild: Why don’t you start with all the eggs on the ground, first; they’re easier – can’t you see them? **waves hand**



Ninette: Hi! We find lots of eggs – how ‘bout you?

Lovechild: *primly* We’ve only just started – though the prospects do appear promising –

Oona Dolly: Haha! Oh, there’s LOTS of eggs out there – trust me!

Moth: Oooo… I WANTS some a’dem!...



Buddha Girl: Eh, dose little tings’re CHUMP change! Look wat we fin’ – we hit de JACKPOT dis Easter!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, dese a start – we fin’ more where dey come from. Get you pack mule to carry more, sister.

Tragic Plum: Ohhh, he’s NOT a mule… I’ve told you SO many times… ooooh..

Zephyrus: *sigh* Miss Plum, there’s no telling them otherwise. For your sake, I choose to rise above it.

Oona Dolly: *drops basket* OH!



Buddha Girl: Eh, we score BIG – now if we fin’ de chicken wat laid dese, we be sittin’ really pretty dis spring – more chicken soup dan we have ALL our life!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, dat gotta be de KING a’ chickens, all right.

Tragic Plum: Oh sister, don’t you mean QUEEN? I don’t think the boy chickens lay eggs… well, maybe when they tell bad jokes… ooooh

Moth: I wants one a’dese – help me put it in my basket, please, Lov’chil’?

Lovechild: Don’t be silly, Moth, your basket isn’t big enough!



Buddha Girl: Annyway, dis one swell Easter we havin’ so far, and when we fin’ dat BIG chicken – well, we let you know! Happy Easter to ALL you out dere!

Angry Sparrow: Shhh, sister, or we gots to share when we fin’s it –

Tragic Plum: That’s right… oooh… it would be SO inhospitable otherwise… ooooh

Zephyrus: *low voice* That has never really stopped them –

Ninette: Where you goin’, Oona Dolly?

Oona Dolly: I think my mama’s callin’ – see ya later…

Moth: I tink if we jus’ PUSH, we kin get it in de basket –

Lovechild: Oh, I give up! You are SO on your own; I’m outta here!



In a warren not far away…


Oona Dolly: I think they’re on to you, Mister Gus – it could be war –

Gus the White Rabbit: Uh-huh – well, after last year’s carnage, we’re ready for those little Mongols – aren’t we, gang?

Lavender Bunny: Yep – time we got back ours.

Dainty Bunny: Oh yes! Perhaps I’ll find my little pink son – I hope!

The Peeps: Yeah! We’ll teach them to eat our momma last year. Dunno why their teeth didn’t fall out, after all that sugar, though.



Uh-oh, Oona Dolly’s a duplicitous character! How did that happen?


Our next story casts light on that –


The Story Of Oona Dolly



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