“What a Pretty New Easter Dress, Sophie…”

Posted April 11, 2009




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Yannick: Hold still, Sophie – I’m almost done brushing your hair. Then we’ll be ready for the Easter egg hunt –

Sophie: Uh-huh… I be still –



Sohpie: You all done, Yanni? Kin I move? –



Yannick: Yup! Be a wiggle-worm all you want now *giggle*.




Sophie: Oh-oh, oh-oh, Yanni – Mister Bun dropped – oh, oh, oh – !

Yannick: Poor Mister Bun – good thing he’s all soft and floppy – you drop him a lot, you know.



Sophie: M-mister B-bun… oh oh oh… *sniff*

Yannick: Don’t cry, Sophie – I’ll pick him up as soon as I put down the brush; just a sec –



Yannick: Here you go – see, Mister Bun is OK, and he knows you didn’t mean any harm –

Sophie: Ohhhh, Mister Bun…



Yannick: Let’s not forget the Easter basket, for all those eggs we’re gonna find today –

Sophie: Mister Bun, I sowwy – an’ make ‘oo better *kiss*…



Yannick: Are you’n Mister Bun ready to hunt eggs? Here, let me help you down –

Sophie: Help Mister Bun, too – don’ wan’ him fall ag’in

Yannick: No we don’t, promise!



Yannick: Okey-dokey, off we go – take my hand?

Sophie: No… I gotta hol’ Mister Bun’s han’s

Yannick: Haha! Well, just stay close to me, then – I’ll watch out for you both.


(This seemed like a fun way to introduce the sisters, and showcase Sophie’s perfect little dress, made by Zone of Zen’s/Realm of Resin’s Darling Elizabeth! Thanks again, DE.)



Gotta love when wee ones show their independence!


What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt, and this one’s a doozy, courtesy of the Sparrow Sisters...


A-Easter Egg Hunting We Will Go



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