E’Clair Prepares Lovechild for Easter Fun – I think…

Posted April 9, 2009




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LCsEasterBasket 004

E’Clair: You look so pretty in your new dress, my little Lovechild! Are you ready for the egg hunt? I have your basket here –



LCsEasterBasket 006

Lovechild: I’d rather not, Maman. It makes no sense to me –



LCsEasterBasket 007

E’Clair: Makes no sense? How do you reckon that, sweetie?

Lovechild: I’ve been doing some serious thinking on the whole thing –



LCsEasterBasket 009

Lovechild: Why on earth would a rabbit be in the business of dealing with chicken eggs? And hiding them, so little human boys and girls can find them – of what benefit is it to any of the parties involved? I mean, who knows how the eggs were prepared – does the FDA know about this?



LCsEasterBasket 010

E’Clair: Oh, sweetie – I think you think too much sometimes. Honestly, you have NO sense of whimsy. I do wonder where you got that; I doubt from your papa, or me!



LCsEasterBasket 011

E’Clair: Well, then – I see you are firm in your convictions. No Easter egg hunt for you this year?

Lovechild: That is correct – this year, or any other…



LCsEasterBasket 015

E’Clair: Your little friends will surely miss you at the hunt – especially Moth. I know she was looking forward to it, and you with her –

Lovechild: So? She talks too much, asks too many silly questions. I won’t miss it, or her!



LCsEasterBasket 016

E’Clair: That’s a shame, and after I got you such a lovely Easter basket – so big, and chock-full of nice candies and a chocolate bunny taller than you. I suppose I could pass it along to Moth; it will please her very much, I’m sure –

Lovechild: Oh?... *pause*  You – would give it ALL to her? Hmmmm



LCsEasterBasket 019

Lovechild: Please give me the basket, then, Maman; I have changed my mind. Moth may get sick if she eats too much candy; I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.  Though you know, this sets a bad precedent, bribing me with candy –

E’Clair: I will keep that in mind, sweetheart *chuckle*. Here’s your basket!



LCsEasterBasket 026

E’Clair: Before we go, let’s pose for a mother-daughter portrait. Smile for the camera, sweetie.

Lovechild: I AM smiling, Maman – can’t you tell? *grimace*



For now, E’Clair seems to be taking in stride her little girl’s prickly temperament.


Easter provided a sweet opportunity to introduce this pair of sisters, getting ready for holiday fun –


“What a Pretty New Easter Dress, Sophie...”



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