Fenny, Get Yer Gun!

Posted April 2, 2009




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Earlier this year, I took Fenchurch out with me, along with friends, to do a little target shooting. Fenchurch enjoyed the outing, as it was a nice sunny day in January, and she wanted to brush up on her skills…


Fenchurch: Wow, it’s been ages, it seems like, since I’ve gone out shooting. Guess we’ve got enough ammo, huh? I’ll start with the rifle; let’s see if I can still hit the target –



Me: I’d say you have no worries – but that piece of junk has seen better days, now that you’ve fenestrated it!

Fenchurch: Haha, Ms. Beamlette! It didn’t even try to get away, did it?



Me: Okay… now that’s just showing off, Fen!

Fenchurch: Oh, I know – but I wanted to see if I could do it, is all –



Fenchurch: Guess I’m not so out of practice with the rifle *smile* --



-- now let’s see how I am with the hand gun – hold ‘er steady –



Me: I’m surprised there’s anything left to shoot at – you’re equally handy with both kinds. You have a preference, though?

Fenchurch: Mmm, not really –



Fenchurch: I figure it’s good to know how to use both – be prepared –

Me: Like the Scouts’ motto – though I don’t know if this is what they had in mind – maybe they could boost cookie sales with it, you think?

Fenchurch: You are SO bad, Ms. Beamlette! *giggle*



Fenchurch: Speaking of bad, there YOU are, shooting!

Me: Hey! Young lady, watch what you say – I may not be as good as you, but I think I did hit that old TV set a time or two –

Fenchurch: It wasn’t one of Elvis’s, was it? *snerk*

Me: Ho, ho, ho, my little comedienne –



Fenchurch: I’ll try shooting at your targets now; I need a little more distance practice, too –

Me: Whoa! Are you thinking of any TV program in particular?



Fenchurch: Haha! No… sometimes I think, TV in general – don’t you?

Me: Agreed, sweetheart -- and on that happy note, it’s time to go home…



A sharp mind to go with that sharp eye.


Another sharp mind around here comes with a sharp tongue, albeit in a tiny package –


E’Clair Prepares Lovechild for Easter Fun – I think...



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