Things That Come With the Twilight

Posted March 25, 2009




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Zimta: O sweet sweet birdy mine, for thee a morsel – seeds fine, that your feathers shine, birdy Niku!

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku...



**rush of wings**

Hibou: *hoo*-hungry-is-Hibou-want-morsel-MINE-now-*hoo-hoo*!

Niku: ni-KU!-ni-KU!-ni-KUUUU!

Zimta: *startled* Friend Hibou – no, no!



Hibou: *hoo*-tasty-bird-want-want-now-now!-*hoohoo* **tries to grab**

Zimta: Told you friend Hibou, times so many, NO – special is my Niku birdy from friend Shakkyo – for eating NOT. My pet dear is he, is Niku –

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku!



Zimta: No, no, treasure mine, Niku – permit I not a feather that is yours to be harmed, no no no… *kiss*.

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku!

Hibou: *hoo-hoo*-why-pet-when-eat-you-can-*hoooo-hoo* --



Kif: True it is then, Zimmy – followed you this mangy owl girl when captured she was. Looking have I been a while, when return you did not –

Hibou: *hoo*-here-are-YOU-why?-*hoo-hoo*!

Zimta: KIF! Brother mine! How came you here?



Kif: By means usual – foot, of course! That, and much inquiry here and there – sometime with folk not kindly disposed, so the information not easily come by. Long time it took me; your friend Lady Owl made for trouble much more than her worth, feathers and all.



Hibou: *hooooooo*-mean-are-you-as-ever-*hooHOO*!

Kif: Sssss! Stare not at me with those eyes yellow – here for you I am NOT.

Zimta: My brother dear, happy am I you to see, but worry you need not for me. ‘Tis a home happy here, safe are we among many though not all elves. Sure am I that the mistress of this house will kindly permit a stay for you – which like I would so much, then tell to you adventures and friends all we had and have.



Kif: All well that may be, sister Zimmy, but think I that home you and me we must to go, if truly safe we are. Know you not who behind Lady Owl’s removal; power strange and dark from folk who care even less of our kind. Squash us they will like the tiny frogs of the tree and bog, with no more thought than that. ‘Twas a better day for us when away they took Lady Owl –



Hibou: *hoooooo*-dare-you-speak-that-way-Hibou-*hoo*-never-like-Hibou-did-you?-*hoo-hoo*-send-them-for-Hibou-did-you-not?-*hoohooHOO* --

Kif: How dare YOU to say such a thing! Mind my own business, I do – truck I have not with their kind, nor care did I when freely you flapped about our forest home – well, most times –

Zimta: Friend Hibou, heed brother mine – mean he is not, believe him I do. Unruffle feathers yours, need none for anger, for sake mine –



Kif: I would that you heed me, though late it is, and much mischief done that may not be undone. Come away with me, now, to home shall you and I go, for to make it safer. Owe that we do to our kith and kin.

Zimta: And owe I to friend Hibou my loyalty and aid, as her friend, promise that I did make, to self mine, and also to her White Dove Imriel, for to keep her safe and sound.

Hibou: *hoooooo

Kif: Promised, did you then—



Kif: Very well – t’would be poor form to keep not a promise… though like it, I do not… *sigh*.



Junco: *to self* Reluctant honor – well, ‘tis better than none, Master Kif…



Not much goes unseen around here.


Fenchurch demonstrates another of her skills to us –


Fenny, Get Yer Gun!



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