Backyard Idyll – Beware The Snake In The Grass

Posted March 19, 2009




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Fenchurch: So, Kyo, still can’t remember anything more about your name and where you come from?

Kyo: Nuh-uh… It’s still -- fuzzy. But – I like it here. Nice house, nice yard… nice people, like you – an’ Tividar

Fenchurch: *smile* I’m glad you think so, since you’re sorta stuck here for a while. Though I’m not sure what Tivadar thinks of being called nice *chuckle*.

Tivadar: “Nice” – I do not recognize that weak little word *snort*.



Fenchurch: And what word would you use, then, to describe this fine day we’re having?

Tivadar: I would say the weather it is fair, but even so one cannot cease to be vigilant – even with those who live here –

Kyo: You mean, like Kleopatra’n’Zephyrus over there?

Tivadar: Exactly. I wonder why she was sent here *frown*.

Fenchurch: Are you afraid she’s come to make this part of her empire? I could think of worse things *snicker*.



Zephyrus: Look, my lady, Fenchurch is out enjoying this fine day with her comrades --

Kleopatra: *waving* Hallo, Fenchurch and company – we shall come join you, momentarily!



Kyo: Look, Kleopatra’nZephyrus’re wavin’ at us!

Fenchurch: *calling* Yes, your Highness, come on over!

Tivadar: *harrumph* Not too close –



Fenchurch: Hey there, your Highness, Zephyrus – it sure is a swell day for fresh air and sun, isn’t it?

Kleopatra: Indeed – a little paradise, almost like being in my beloved Egypt.

Tivadar: *to self* Would that you had stayed there!



Kleopatra: And how is Master Kyo today – do the memories return yet?

Fenchurch: We were just discussing that – he says no, not really –

Kyo: Nope, no more rememberies yet, Highness. S’no problem, ‘cause I’m happy here. It sounds like you happy here, too!

Kleopatra: *laughs* Yes, I am, Master Kyo. All things considered, there is no reason to be otherwise.



Kleopatra: Master Kyo reminds me of my sons when they were that age… so bright and full of life, with hope for the future… thankfully, he has not their burden of responsibility, and the dangers that came with it…



Kyo: You’re a real fancy dresser, Mister Zephyrus – I know the top part of you isn’t a horse, so you can wear people things. That’s a NICE sweater!

Zephyrus: Haha – thank you, Master Kyo! I strive to have a pleasing appearance with the seasons, since I choose to be a social creature. May I compliment you on your choice of sweater, as well?

Kyo: Uh-huh – thank you, Mister Zephyrus.

Fenchurch: Wherever Kyo came from, they did teach him some manners *giggle*!



Tivadar: *to self* Manners do not win wars… *grumble*…



Zephyrus: Feel that breeze – ahhhh! We are most fortunate for this day --

Fenchurch: We sure are… it’s so peaceful out here, isn’t  it?

Kleopatra: Yes… savor the peace while one has it…

Kyo: Yup, it’s REAL quiet *whistles*.

Tivadar: *fidget* …



In another part of the yard --


Ulf: *grumble*…



Ulf: I should be wit’ Fen’urchinstead’a dat Kyo *envy*.



Kleopatra: Why have you no playmates today, Master Ulf?

Ulf: *startled* OH! You sneaked up on me, pretty lady – why did you do dat?

Kleopatra: I thank you for your compliment on my person, lad. As for the “sneaking” – I don’t think it was so much “sneaking” on my part, as you were being distracted by your thoughts, so you did not pay attention to anything else. What you were thinking must have been very serious –



Ulf: Dat KyoFen’urch spends ALL her time wit’ him, ever since he come here! She don’ pay NO attenshun to me, at ALL! *shakes fists*

Kleopatra: I see…and so you think she does not care for you any more?

Ulf: Uh-huh! She just care about HIM – he took MY Fen’urch away *pout*.

Kleopatra: Master Kyo is new here, and no one knows where his family resides, or what may have happened to them. So she feels he needs her care more now than do you, Master Ulf.



Ulf: Nuh-UH! Fen’urch is MINE – an’ I’m takin’ her back – you’ll see! *hmph*



Kleopatra: Two thousand years on, and the world is much the same…  Master Kyo may well need lessons from the bodyguard *chuckle*.



Ulf still refuses to wrap his brain around the concept of “sharing” – it’s going to be a hard, hard lesson…


As a beautiful day winds down towards a mild evening, others show themselves –


Things That Come With the Twilight



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