When Irish Eyes Are *Smirking*

Posted March 16, 2009




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Please meet Georgine, who has graciously consented to be my model for this tribute to St. Patrick’s Day. She makes a fetching Irish lass, don’t you think?


Georgine: What a lovely afternoon – as well it should be; Spring is almost here. Feel that gentle breeze – mmmm.



-- and listen to the mockingbird, singing from atop the chimney. Surely no lady mockingbird could resist that song!



 -- I wonder – who will sing a song for me this Spring? Who…



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Here now, lass! You’ve gone an’ stole me gold – where did ye hide it, then?

Georgine: What? Oh – you’re a leprechaun, aren’t you! I had no idea there were any such creatures, let alone around here –



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Aye, that I am, called Ulf ó Flannagáin, an’ proud o’it! But ye still didn’ answer me question – WHERE did ye hide me gold, y’thievin’ hussy?

Georgine: Since I didn’t know you existed, how could I have known there was any gold, to find, or hide, Mister Leprechaun?



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Th’ name’s Ulf ó Flannagáin, didn’ ye hear me the first time? So ye are deef in the bargain, then – good thing ye’re so pretty, to make up for th’ deficiency!

Georgine: **startled** I am NOT deaf – though if you don’t stop shouting in my ear, I may well become so! And I don’t see how my looks (however fine they are) have anything to do with this –



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Oh, but I should think so – hmmmm, ye’d make a fine bride. I’d happily share my gold wi’ ye, when ye tells me where y’hid it –

Georgine: Happily for me, I have NO idea where your gold is, and I’m not the slightest bit interested in sharing any of it, especially with you *hmph*.



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Ah, but lass, I’m the richest o’me kind, an’ thhan’somest – how could ye pass up such an offer?

Georgine: Huh – I think you’ve answered your own question. I know it’s answered mine.



Ulf ó Flannagáin: Ah, lass, ye’ve stolen more’n my gold; ye’ve done took me heart – let us never part! *squeeze*

Georgine: No, no, NO! I’ve taken nothing today, that I am sure of! Go away, you horrid little creature – SHOO!!!



Doileag Flannagáin: THERE ye are, ye little donkey! I been lookin’ up an’ down fer ye, Ulf ó Flannagáin. Takin’ up wi’ one o’ the Big Folk – now ha’en’t I told ye time an’ again, it only leads t’misery for the likes o’us!

Ulf ó Flannagáin: Oh, oh, the jig’s up – don’ let me mother part us, lass!

Georgine: I was never so happy to see someone’s mother in my life – though I never, EVER agreed to be his wife, I assure you, Ma’m



Doileag Flannagáin: Now see here, lass, I’ll holdin’ ye to that – an’ if I see ye hangin’ about me son again, I won’ be responsible fer me actions! *lowers voice* Betwixt ye an’ me, though – me son air not th’ brightest coin in th’ pot; I’ll be freely admittin’ that. He’s always misplacin’ his gold – the bit what I allow him t’ see, anyway!

Georgine: Thank you for the warning, Ma’m – I shall keep far, far away! *wink*



Doileag Flannagáin: An’ now it’s off home fer us, an’ a sound hidinfer you, m’lad. Step lively now! **tugs his ear**

Ulf ó Flannagáin: OW! Oh, owowow, stoppit, Ma – tha’ hurts! An’ ye’re embarrassin’ me in front o’th’ lass *blush*!

Georgine: Ms. Beamlette, did you purposely put me out as leprechaun bait? That was a close call – whew!



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