Birds Of A Feather

Posted March 12, 2009




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Tabitha: *grumble* I so didn’t wanna get up today --

Chieko: And I see you aren’t doing the “Hell Girl” thing anymore, either –

Tabitha: Yeah… I decided that was sorta over for now. No one seems bugged by it anymore at my house, so what’s the point. Besides, I’m thinking on a new look.



Chieko: Heh, “Hell Girl” was pretty effective, though; you really looked like her. Wish I could decide who to cosplay.

Tabitha: You’ll figure it out sometime… hm, look over there, there’s that girl in our class, that’s so quiet. Wonder who that stretch is that’s with her –

Chieko: Oh, yeah… think it’s her dad?



Tabitha: Huh… maybe. Boy, he’s tall – we’ve got some of those at our house.

Chieko: Kinda pale, too. Wonder what he does –

Tabitha: Safe to say he ain’t a lifeguard – though maybe at a zombie beach *snicker*.



Raven: Thanks, Blackie, but you didn’t have to take me to school today. I – I would’ve gone on my own, honest –

Blackwell: Y’know, sis, I got a suspicious mind *chuckle* -- I need it in my line of work. Seriously, though, ya know I’m worried about ya. Ya can’t keep skippin’ school ‘cause you’re scared; ya gotta face up to it, learn to make some friends, so ya won’t be so lonely.



Blackwell: Look over there, those two girls, they in any of your classes?

Raven: Oh… um, uh-huh. They are – in most of them --

Blackwell: Ya ever speak to them – they ever speak to ya? An’ do ya know their names?



Raven: No… not really. I think – I think they’re best friends -- the one on the left is Tabitha; the other girl is Chieko.

Blackwell: Well, then, just go up to them and say hi, ask how’s it goin’, and be sure to use their names when you do. Makes it more personal.

Raven: Oh – well – I guess I could…



Blackwell: Sure ya can – I know ya can do it. I gotta get goin’ now; ya have a good day, for me, will ya? An’ tell me all about it when I get home tonight *waves*.

Raven: Su – sure, Blackie… I’ll – I’ll try… ‘bye



Raven: *to self* Gosh… I hope they won’t be mean or anything… sometimes Tabitha sounds tough… she can really swear… more’n Blackie…



Raven: But… I promised Blackie I’d try… so… here goes –



Raven: Hi Tabitha, hi Chieko – how are you today?

Tabitha: Hey, wow – you can TALK! I never really heard you talk before!

Chieko: Tabby, you’re SO loud sometimes, I dunno how you even hear ME.

Tabitha: Haha, very funny, Cheee-KO. Don’t pay any attention to her, um – what’s your name again?

Raven: Raven – Raven Crowe –

Chieko: So, you’re named for TWO birds?

Tabitha: I think that’s pretty cool-sounding. Don’t mind Cheee-ko there; she just likes to be snarky.

Raven: Oh – oh, I don’t mind… *giggle*… it’s okay –



Chieko: I didn’t mean to be mean about it – more like an observation, is all. They’re like the same sort of bird, really –

Tabitha: Listen to Ms. Science there. Whatever, I think it’s cool. And who was that guy that came with you? We were wonderin’ –

Raven: That – that’s my brother. He – he was just worried, because I stayed home sick yesterday, so – he wanted to make sure I got to school okay –



Tabitha: Heh, yeah, my brother’s kinda like that, but more of a nag about it –

Chieko: Well, your brother’s got a lot to worry about; he thinks you’re going to be a juvenile delinquent, and he’s probably right about that! *snerk* --

Tabitha: Ha-ha, you’re a regular stand-up comic this morning, aren’t you, Cheeee? **sound of school bell** Guess it’s time to march into the jailhouse!



Raven: Do – do you mind if I walk with you guys?

Tabitha: Hey, sure, why not? We’re all in first period together, anyway, and we can continue the conversation –

Chieko: Yeah, if you call that conversation –



Tabitha: Man, Chieko, you got a BIG-#@$% burr under your saddle today! And after I helped you beat up your little #@$% of a brother yesterday, too! **reaches for door**

Chieko: Yeah, yeah, I know, I owe you one – gees, watch your French there, in front of Raven, will you?

Raven: Oh, don’t mind me – I – I’ve heard it before – and not just from you *giggle* --

**they go inside**



Blackwell: Well done, sis, well done – see ya tonight… *smile*.



That went better than I thought it would, LOL.


Faith and begorra, it’s St. Patrick’s Day a’comin’ up, and you never know what will come out the woodwork, as Georgine is soon to find out –


When Irish Eyes Are *Smirking*



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