We look in on Natsumi, preparing for a date...

Posted March 5, 2009




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Natsumi: *to self* Hmmm… better get out the old sewing kit. Don’t want to lose any more sequins and beads… I think I have time to do it…



**breezing in**

Chieko: Hey, Nat, can we talk?

Natsumi: *looks up* Oh – sure, but make it quick; I’m getting ready for a date.



**flops on bed**

Natsumi: Hey, watch the pillow! I don’t want tracks all over where my head goes.

Chieko: Yeah, yeah… you sound like Mom. Gees!



Chieko: Anyway… where you going on your date?

Natsumi: David got tickets to “Ka”, which was very cool; he knows I’ve always wanted to see it. And Fenchurch said there’s a nice Japanese restaurant at the MGM, so we’ll eat there first –



Chieko: Huh… wonder when I’ll ever get to go on a date. Not that I know anyone I WOULD go on a date with… yet.



Natsumi: You’ve got lots of time to figure that out; don’t be in a big hurry. Besides, boys your age are still such boys *chuckle*.



Chieko: There you go again, sounding JUST like Mom! *huff* What’s wrong with them being like BOYS? I mean, I don’t want them being TOO serious yet – like you ‘n’David

Natsumi: Okay, okay! You’re still such a tomboy anyway – your “dates” would be about kicking around a soccer ball, I bet!

Chieko: No fair – maybe I wanna go OUT somewhere, too – you’re SO not taking this seriously *grump*.

Natsumi: Aw, sorry, Chi-chan, but you keep bouncing back and forth with what you want. What did you really want to talk about, anyway?



Chieko: Eh, I forget now! But that’s okay, ‘cause I’ve been wanting to talk about this, too. After all, someone MIGHT ask me out, soon – and I’m wondering what I would do –

Natsumi: Then I guess it depends on who it is, and whether you like them enough to want to know more about them –



Chieko: Yeah, I guess I’d rather like ’em, than not, though it’s not like I’m gonna marry ‘em first thing, is it?

Natsumi: Well, I’d hope not. But it really does help if you think you like them, to begin with –

Chieko: Even if they can take you to someplace special, that you wouldn’t usually get to go to, something like that?

Natsumi: M-hm – that’s just using someone, and you won’t have a lot of respect for them, if you think like that. It won’t be as much fun, either, really –

Chieko: Huh… *thinking*.



Takuya: Hey, Nat, Mom told me to tell you David’s here – he’s downstairs –

Natsumi: Oh, perfect, I’ve finished getting ready just in time. Thanks, Taku-chan!

Takuya: Whatever – I’m just the messenger. Tips’re always welcome, y’know

Natsumi: Haha! Where did that come from? My tip is, stay on David’s and my good side, won’t you?

Chieko: *under breath* Little dork!



Natsumi: I’m off – promise me you won’t kill each other in my room while I’m gone – whoever’s left standing’ll have to clean up. Bye! **exits**

Chieko: Bye, Nat, bet you’ll have a good time –

Takuya: Yeah, bye, Sis – whatever –



Chieko: Okay, you heard Nat, now scram outta her room, before anything happens –

Takuya: Oh – and why do you get to stay? You’d make the bigger mess, seeing as how you ARE bigger –

Chieko: Pffffft! I’ve seen your messes; they’re a hundred times bigger than you. Just scram, like I told you. I’ve got more business being in here than you, anyway –



Takuya: Fine, then, stay here. I’ll just tell your pal Tabby downstairs that you ain’t comin’ down anytime soon *smirk* --

Chieko: WHAT? Why didn’t you say something sooner, if you knew she was here?

Takuya: Heh, she can wait – even though she smells --

Tabitha: *from hall* I HEARD that, you little #@$%!



Chieko: You little RAT! *grab*

Takuya: HEY! Remember what Nat said! Don’t do it in here! I’m telling -- MOMMMMMM!

Chieko: There won’t be anything left of you to tell Mom, when Tabby and I BOTH get done with you!



Perfectly normal!


At school the next day –


Birds Of A Feather



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