You Gotta Have Friends

Posted February 26, 2009




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Raven: *to self* Maybe… maybe I’ll go to school tomorrow… maybe…

**sound of door unlocking**



Blackwell: *off* Hey, Sis – I’m home! Where are ya?

Raven: Oh – Blackie – I’m in the living room –



Blackwell: You’re in your jammies, Kid – it’s kinda early for that, isn’t it?

Raven: I – I didn’t go to school today, after all… I didn’t feel so good this morning –



Blackwell: Again, huh? How many times is that this month?

Raven: Only three, Blackie – I didn’t miss any tests this time, or anything –

Blackwell: Yeah, but I get tired of explaining when they call me, checkin’ up. I know they want their Fed money, but they gotta understand, you’re not so strong. Guess I better go down there, and talk a little sense into them… though I get the feelin’ it’s not just about bein’ sick – is it, Sis?



Raven: It’s… it’s hard when we move, Blackie, making new friends. I’m not really good at it –



Blackwell: I gotta go where the work takes me, Sis. This time I thought I was findin’ a nicer school for ya, anyway – is someone givinya trouble? Do I need to have a little talk with them, too? Ya gotta let me know these things –



Raven: No… no, it’s not that bad. Nobody’s making fun of me, or deliberately hurting me. Just… I don’t know what to say to people sometimes. It’s like I can’t make myself talk; it won’t come out –

Blackwell: Heh – I have the opposite problem, then – I don’t know WHEN to stop sometimes. I just don’t worry about it *shrug*.



Raven: Sometimes… I think it’s easier for boys to – just talk –

Blackwell: One way, is, ya ask ‘em questions about their selves. People like to talk about themselves more’n anything. Ya learn stuff about em, it’s useful later, too –

Raven: *sigh* You always make it sound so easy –



Blackwell: Ain’t rocket science, Sis – ask ’em what’s their favorite things, where’d they get their shoes, or their hair cut --

Raven: I try to ask questions, but they seem to wind up just “yes” and “no” answers, and then I don’t know what else to say to keep things going, and they go back to their friends, and – and – there I am, alone again *tear wells up* --



Blackwell: Aw, Sis… I wish this wasn’t happenin’ to ya. I dunno what else to tell ya, but ya gotta keep tryin’, don’t give up – ya did have friends at the last school, didn’t ya? You’ll get some at this one –

Raven: *sniff* Oh… kinda… I knew a couple girls there, but – not that much. **toys with stuffed bunny** I’ll – I’ll try harder – tomorrow –

Blackwell: That’s th’ spirit –



Blackwell: Y’know I’ll always be here for ya. I know it’s not like havin’ gal pals; ya need some ‘a them, too. But I’m always here for ya, promise –

Raven: I know that, Blackie – you’re so good to me… so good –

Blackwell: We’re all we got, so we gotta stick together. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Raven: Me neither, Blackie…



It must be hard for Blackwell… but he is a devoted brother.


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