A Thanks*giving* story

Posted November 27, 2008




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Raven: Blackie… Carlos said I’d find you here…



Blackwell: Did he? Now why did you need to find me, sis – I told you we weren’t having dinner until later this evening.



Raven: Please – don’t be mad at Carlos. I, um, I kept pestering him until he told me. I – I was worried where you might be, and on Thanksgiving…



Blackie: Well, you found out my little secret. I come to the shelter on holidays, to help out with the dinners. Just keepin’ a promise I made, is all.

Raven: A promise? To who?



Blackwell: Uh-huh. Reverend Dave. We had a little talk a couple years ago. He made some interesting points… can’t say I took all them to heart, but –

Raven: So you peel potatoes –



Blackwell: Yeah, I peel potatoes, whatever else needs to be done to help get out the dinners. Something I figured I could do, to give back, y’know. I mean, you and I are pretty lucky, sis; we know where our next meal’s comin’ from, we got a roof over our heads – but some folks ain’t so lucky sometimes.

Raven: Oh… yes… you’re SO right, Blackie. I didn’t stop to think about it…



Blackwell: That’s okay, sis, that’s what I’m here for, to take care of you. I don’t want you to hafta worry -- ever. That’s my most important job, y’know. And my other promise… to mom…

Raven: Aw, Blackie –



Raven: You’re the BEST brother, you are! Mama’d be proud – *hug*

Blackwell: Yeah, yeah… (**thinks** Not sure she’d understand everything, but you do what you can do…) **aloud** I’m just proud of you, little sis --

Raven: Happy Thanksgiving, Blackie *smile*.

Blackwell: Happy Thanksgiving, baby girl…



Let us give thanks, as well…


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