Seeing Is Believing

Posted December 3, 2008




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We find Smythe sitting alone, enjoying the unseasonably mild weather here lately…




Smythe: *to self* A fine, fair day… nothing like some fresh air at the luncheon hour, to clear the mental cobwebs…

Tiddlywink: Oho, cobwebs, say he! I think there’s more to be cleared than some spider’s wool!



Smythe: *startled* What? Did you address me? And who ARE you?

Tiddlywink: Haha! One “one-eye” to the other, and why not? We should stick together, you know.

Smythe: If you say so, um -- ?



Tiddlywink: You may call me Tiddlywink, which is my name for general consumption. Pardon the expression, but you caught my eye as I was passing by, though I have glimpsed you around. My intuition tells me you are weighted by a burden on your heart. I do have two ears, and am glad to lend one *wink*.



Smythe: Is it that obvious? And here I thought I had hidden it well –

Tiddlywink: Maybe to most dimwits, but I see it plain as the scar on your face, lad.

Smythe: Ah, but can I trust your discretion?

Tiddlywink: I’m a veritable vault, so – spill!

Smythe: It has to do with the loss of affection – of a girl I was seeing –



Smythe: As a matter of fact, that is she, across the way – with a new beau by her side, one Ellis Chevalier –

Tiddlywink: Fickle lass! No grass under her feet.

Smythe: Understandable, though, as she is pretty and spirited –

Tiddlywink: Eh, hard and heartless, by the look of it.



Smythe: On the contrary, just refreshingly honest *waves*. They’ve seen us, and are coming over, so you may become better acquainted.

Tiddlywink: I daresay I know her as well as need be, already. Besides –



Tiddlywink: A little word of advice before they get here – not everyone can see me, so you needn’t bother with introductions. Behave as you were before I accosted you.

Smythe: Why is that? You are diminutive, but not invisible –

Tiddlywink: Belief, my boy; not everyone believes in elves. ‘Twill be a test of their abilities, though I’m sure she has the blind eye in this! Shhhh!



Smythe: **springs to feet** Hallo, Dorothy – you look as lovely as ever, if I may be allowed to say so, Ellis! And greetings to you, as well.

Ellis: I’d be disappointed if you didn’t acknowledge the fair Dorothy’s fairness *chuckle*. My greetings to you, too.

Dorothy: Eh, no hard feelings, I see. Thanks.



Ellis: I echo Dorothy’s sentiments; you are taking this well. Not many of our contemporaries would behave so civilly.

Dorothy: Yeah… it’s really… sporting. That sounds like a word you’d use.

Smythe: Haha, yes… It does figure in my vocabulary, I admit –



Smythe: I am known for my loquaciousness, which I am sure others take as a sign that I simply like to hear myself talk – but I DO mean to be “sporting”, in the truest sense of the word --

Ellis: I don’t doubt your sincerity – pardon if I say this, but I see it in your eye, I do --

Smythe: No offense taken; it is a fact, to which I am accustomed! But seriously, I do wish you both well – you especially, Dorothy – you deserve to be happy, too. I am sorry I could not be the one to make you so, but I did try --

Dorothy: You did… it’s not your fault. It’s just me.



Tiddlywink: It’s tripe for lunch today; must be the cheap dim sum cart *snort*!



Ellis: Well, we’re off, now. Glad there’s no hard feelings, Smythe old chap. You really are a bit of alright.

Dorothy: Uh-huh. See ya ‘round…

Smythe: Not at all – I am gratified that we could have this discussion, tuck in the loose ends, so to speak.

Tiddlywink: Loose screw, if you ask me!

**Dorothy and Ellis depart**



Smythe: Here now, a little governance of that sharp tongue of yours! You do play fast and loose with your invisibility, you know –

Tiddlywink: Pffft! And what are they going to do IF they do see me? I call a spade a spade, is all.



Ellis: Huh – I’d swear he’s gone talking to himself –

Dorothy: Whatever. We’re far away enough it doesn’t matter.

Ellis: Eh – you’re right… **to self** Still -- he couldn’t have made that tiny sound – could he?



I think Ellis’ Welsh heritage got a nudge here, too.


You don’t think we could get by without a nod to Christmas, do you? Another tale of tested beliefs –


Tell Santa What You Want



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