COOK dat bird!

Posted November 25, 2008




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Television: “… and the score so far is…”



Oona: Oh, you’re watching a game – who’s winning?

Paladin: It’s pretty early yet… my team might have a chance…



Oona: That’s good, because I really do need to check out a cooking show on Thanksgiving dinner hints – pleeeeeeease, sweetie!

Paladin: Um, well, if it doesn’t take too long –



Oona: It’s only a half-hour show… **surfing program menu**  Ah, here it is!

Paladin: Uh-oh – is that who I think it is? –



Buddha Girl: Eh, dere, HELLO e’vyboddy! Dis our Tanksgivinshow on how to cook dat dinner wat make Holiday special. Right, sisters?



Angry Sparrow: Yeh – be sure you wash de veg’bles good. Don’ wanna get sick, den you can’t do dat Chris’mas shopping next day wit all de odder crazies.



Buddha Girl: Hoo boy, you gots dat right, sister! Besides, you cook LOTS, den you gots swell leftovers so you don’t gotta cook next day or two!



Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I think we’ve got MORE than enough yams here… what WILL we do with ALL of these? Oooooh



Buddha Girl: Eh, dat silly question, sister – we stuff dem IN bird! Cook two tings at same time, save time!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, are you SURE?...

Buddha Girl: Sure I sure! Dat why dey gots dese pointy ends, make it easy to put in de BIRD’S end, like dis



Big Chicken: HEY! Why’re you doin’ that to our pal?

Little Chicken: Yeah, like he hasn’t suffered enough indignity, already, and you little thugs wanna do THAT to his carcass!

Goosey: Yeah, have some respect for the deceased, will ya?



Angry Sparrow: Don’ you talk to us like dat, ‘specially when I gots dis tomato in my han’.

Buddha Girl: Eh, dis OUR bird, an’ OUR Teevee show, so we do wat we wants wit it! Now SHUDDUP!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, it isn’t good when the food talks back, nooo



Big Chicken: Ya wanna make something of it, then? Come get us, if you dare!

Little Chicken: Yeah, come an’ get us!!! We’ll see who’s just talkin’ trash, then! *pffft*

Goosy: Yeah, come get us, you sawed-off shrimps – NYAH!



Buddha Girl: O-kaaay, dat enough from de food! I come show you de BUSY-NESS end a’ dis yam, up close ‘n personal!

Angry Sparrow: An’ we’ll add tomato wit no extra charge, too –

Tragic Plum: Oooh, they will be SO sorry they said those things… but I’d better stay and watch the pot on the stove, oooooh



Zephyrus: Hallo, Ms. Plum – how is the cooking show going, so far? Where are your sisters – surely they aren’t leaving all the work to you, are they?

Tragic Plum: Well… not ALL the cooking happens onscreen… they had to go deal with some REALLY fresh food… ooooh



Zephyrus: Ah, here they are now – so, ladies, how goes the feast preparations?

Buddha Girl: **slapping hands** Eh, LOTS better now, dat we showed dem noisy birds who de BOSS ‘roun’ here!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, dey in de soup now, all right.

Tragic Plum: Was only ONE yam enough? Ooooo



Goosy: I didn’t think it was supposed to turn out THIS way! And I’m allergic to pepper –

Little Chicken: Yeah! This wasn’t the type of HOT TUB I had in mind!

Big Chicken: Who knew the little shrimps had so much muscle? And I hate yams *ouch*!



Buddha Girl: Well, dat all de holiday cookin’ tips for now! We give tanks for you watchin’.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we hope you like ‘em. Tanks.

Zephyrus: I know I am giving thanks I am NOT a bird *chuckle*.

Tragic Plum: Oooh, I’m thankful you AREN’T, either…

Buddha Girl: An’ one more tip – if you no good at cookin’ birds, dey always Col’nelTucky! **shows bucket** Good NIGHT!



Paladin: And – what did we learn from that, then? More like a how NOT to show, I’d say!

Oona: Hmph!



Paladin: Now can I see the rest of my game, Oon?

Oona: I still need to see a cooking show, to make up for that debacle – that didn’t count! How am I going to help make a special Thanksgiving dinner if I don’t learn something USEFUL?

Paladin: Aw, Oon, don’t worry – I heard Ms. Beamlette say she’d take us all out to dinner this year, so you don’t have to cook. Just relax, and be your beautiful self – for me *air kiss*.



Oona: *sigh*… You win. Here-- here’s the remote.

Paladin: That’s the spirit, Oon – there’s always next year – you’ll learn something about cooking by then. Erm, something MORE – something ELSE! Ummm

Oona: Oh, just WATCH your game already! **click**



Oona: On behalf of the Beamlette household, we all wish everyone on Zone of Zen and Realm of Resin a VERY happy Thanksgiving!

Paladin: And that YOUR team wins, too!

Zephyrus: Yes, have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, right, Ms. Plum?

Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes… family AND friends… are SO important… ooooh

Angry Sparrow: Yeh – I always tankful for my sisters.

Buddha Girl: You said it, sister! An’ we tankful for ALL you Zoners and Realmers! *grin*



We never said they were GOOD hints, LOL!


Levity aside, Thanksgiving is the time for taking stock, and doing something for others, too…


A Thanks*giving* story



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