Yoshi Over the Edge

Posted November 19, 2008




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**Fenchurch humming**



Fenchurch: Oh, hey, Owen – how are you?

Owen: Hello, Fenchurch. I’m doing well; how’re you?

Fenchurch: Fine -- just enjoying this nice weather; sure a relief that LONG summer is over, huh?

Owen: You said it. S’cuse me, I came to see if Yoshi’s around –

Fenchurch: Just stick your head in the door; I think Oona’s in the kitchen, so you can ask her to find him for you. She seems to know where ‘most anyone is!



Owen: Hello, Oona – I’m here to see Yoshi. If he’s around, I’d like to talk to him. I’ll be outside.

Oona: All right – Owen, is it? I’ll let him know he’s got a guest – but it may be a while ‘til he comes out.

Owen: No problem; I’ve got time. Thanks, Oona. **exits**



Fenchurch: Did you find Oona OK? Have a seat while you wait.

Owen: Yup, thanks. He’ll be here in a bit… I think I’ll take you up on your offer, too. *smile*



Owen: I recognize the magazine you’re reading; it’s not a mainstream publication. How did you find it?

Fenchurch: My grandfather found it for me. He gave me a subscription for my 10th birthday, which was very cool of him; his way of encouraging my interest in Egyptian archaeology. Best present he could’ve given me, and I always think of him when I read it. He passed on four years ago.

Owen: Hm – I have my grandfather to thank for my interest, too, in archaeology. I always liked nosing around in his antiquities shop, and he’d tell me about everything. Though he did embroider things a bit, as I found out later when reading books and articles.



Fenchurch: Haha! I think that’s part of the grandfather job description, to fancy things up a bit. And some grandfathers just tell better stories than others. Guess yours was just punching up his sales pitch.

Owen: Yup, it was as much a business as a passion of his. I’m more interested in “field work” though, than running a shop. Once I get the study end under my belt, I’m heading out. For all that’s been found over the past centuries, there’s still things to be found.

Fenchurch: Oh yes, that’s what I’m looking forward to someday. And better methods and equipment than they had even a century ago, to find out more about how the regular folks lived way back then. It isn’t all kings and queens and gold.



Owen: True – but there’s still a lot of interest in treasure – which is more a challenge to find. I’ll be the supplier for Gramps’ shop, and leave the selling to my younger brother; he’s got the salesman’s touch – and he doesn’t like to get dirty *laughs*.

Fenchurch: Oh -- *frowns*. I don’t like the sound of that. What about museums, and making discoveries available for everyone to see and learn from?

Owen: Well, if a museum likes it, they’re free to buy it from us, like anyone else.

Fenchurch: That’s terrible -- profiteering on history!

Owen: But at least I’ll know more about what I’m selling than Gramps used to. There’s still plenty to go around. And museums have so much that just sits in storerooms.

Fenchurch: Even so – it needs to be where it’s taken care of, and can be studied –


Meanwhile, somewhere in the house…



Yoshi: Zzzzzzz



Yoshi: Whwh – no…no… noooooo………



Oona: Yoshi – wake up! You have a guest. Sounds like you needed waking up, anyway –

Yoshi: Christ, yeah… what a freakin’ weird thing. A guest? Guess it can’t be any worse than my dream, yeesh.

Oona: It’s that Owen – he’s waiting out on the patio for you.

Yoshi: What the hell does he want? Tell him I don’t want to see him.

Oona: Tell him yourself, and get it over with, then. Besides, you could use the fresh air. Up!

Yoshi: *groan* Yes, Mother! Arrrrgh



Owen: I understand the point you’re making, Fenchurch – but there’s more to life than academia. Some folks can afford to have a genuine piece of history in their own homes, and at least I can help them do it more lawfully than in the past –

Fenchurch: I know some people can buy anything they want, but that’s such an old way of thinking! I –

Yoshi: What the hell! I KNEW it!



Yoshi: You only came around to rub my nose in it! Damn Oona, she didn’t tell me THAT’S why you’re here! Parading Fenchurch under my nose! I knew you were taking her away from me, you sonofa

Owen: Yoshi, you’re just jumping to conclusions. I came here to see you; Oona was right –

Yoshi: Why the HELL should I believe YOU? I know what I see, you sittin’ there all cozy with Fen – you set this up, just to bug the shit outta me! I KNOW it!



Fenchurch: STOP it! I don’t know where you get that idea, but Owen is here to see YOU, not me. And it’s none of your business WHO I talk to, anyway. I don’t know why you persist with this. I told you, I have a boyfriend, and it’s NOT Owen, so stop getting mad at your friend for something that just doesn’t exist!

Yoshi: Heh, he’s not MY friend –

Fenchurch: Well, I wouldn’t blame him if he did stop being your friend when you act like this. Don’t keep pushing, or you won’t have anyone to go to.

Yoshi: Maybe I don’t NEED anybody, anyway –



Oona: What’s all the shouting about out here? Is everyone okay?

Owen: Just settling an argument – sorry to disturb you, Oona

Yoshi: Yeah, just a betrayal -- nothing 30 pieces of silver won’t cover *sneer*.

Fenchurch: We’re all okay – besides, I need to go in and get started on homework. It was nice talking to you, Owen. Sorry about the dust-up.

Owen: No problem at all, Fenchurch; I understand.

**Fenchurch and Oona go inside**



Yoshi: I oughtta deck you --

Owen: Go ahead, if it makes you feel better. Not that I won’t return the favor, and you’ll just wind up looking like you did after Jake got done with you.



Yoshi: **collapses on couch** Christ! What the hell is happening to me… how did my life get so screwed up?...

Owen: Pretty much the way it happens to a lot of people – making bad choices, to start with.




Yoshi: How… how the hell can I ever get back on track?...



Owen: Won’t be easy… but you can do it – IF you want to…



Maybe Yoshi has hit that proverbial bottom; no way out but up, now…


Looking for Thanksgiving menu hints? Look no further, in –


COOK dat bird!



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