You Can’t Always Get What You Want..., Part 2

Posted May 1, 2008




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For a look back at Romy’s debut, follow this story link: What Do Girls Really Want...



Romy: As the old expression goes, “Long time, no see.”  Or is it, “Out of sight, out of mind”?



Romy: Like the Farmer’s Daughter just said, there’s lots of girls out there that’d be glad for your attention, and even after all this, I’m still one of them, hon.

Yoshi: **silence**



Romy: I could complain, or lament to you how I felt when you took a powder, but that’s a waste of time, when we could be getting reacquainted instead… hmmm?

Yoshi: **silence**



Romy: I see… the old cold shoulder. Pity… when I’m so conveniently positioned to be the shoulder you can cry on, after that tender little scene…

Yoshi: **silence**



Romy: I mean, consider the source. How could that little school girl have any idea what she was passing up? She barely knows the difference from a playground crush –

Yoshi: It’s not THAT – hell, I don’t know why I’m even saying anything to you. **clams up again**



Romy: Well, then, what IS it, hon? I’d like to know… hmmm…

Yoshi: *huh*



Romy: Then again, what you need is to forget…

Yoshi: *hm*



Romy: Let’s just forget about it together… mmm? Bygones be bygones, and all that… *snuggle*

Yoshi: ******…



Yoshi: CUT IT OUT!!! Back off! I don’t want to hear any more from you; it’s none of your damn business!

Romy: Okay, okay… not taking this very well, are we?



**Owen enters**

Owen: I dropped by to see how you’re doing, Yoshi – oh, hey, Romy. Didn’t expect to see you here –

Romy: Hey there, Owen. Neither did Yoshi. I was just visiting some gal pals; he’s the last person I thought I’d find here. It’s been an afternoon for surprises, all around.

Yoshi: You…



Owen: Huh… what d’you mean by “surprise”?

Romy: On my way out I passed by, and saw our Romeo here making a heartfelt appeal to his new ladylove. Seems he overestimated her interest in the matter; she has a boyfriend, and isn’t looking to hedge her bets. Her loss, don’t you think? –



Yoshi: YOU! What are you doing here? You turned her against me, didn’t you? I should’ve known!

Owen: If you mean who I think you mean, your name never came up. I didn’t need to say anything.



Yoshi: Like I should believe that! Get me out of the way first, then work on that so-called “boyfriend” of hers, so YOU can have her for yourself. Some “friend” you are!

Owen: That’s a “friend’s” job, to tell you things you may not like to hear, but you need to hear, not to suck up to you. You need to get back on track, and courting jailbait isn’t on the to-do list.



Yoshi: I won’t have you taking me for a fool anymore, or telling me what to do. You’re no friend of mine, and I sure as hell don’t want to see you around – either me or Fenchurch! Stay the hell away, hear me?

Owen: I hear you; I can honestly say that…

**Yoshi exits**



Owen: There goes one pig-headed guy, off to the slaughterhouse. How someone as smart as him gets like that, is one of life’s mysteries.

Romy: Sometimes you CAN save ‘em – it just has to be on the last time going down. They like a scene and the suspense.



Owen: So… which time is this?

Romy: Hard to tell. We could be in for a wait, or it could be tomorrow. Or – he could have an epiphany – they don’t just happen in novels, you know.



Owen: I hope the heck so… man, I hate seeing him throw it all away like this. Usually I know when to cut my losses and step back from things… I dunno, what it is about Yoshi that I hate giving up on him…



Romy: Me, too, hon… me, too…



For all their worldliness, Owen and Romy really are the best friends a seemingly-ungrateful Yoshi could have.


After all the angst, it’s time for some light-hearted FUN – with Zimta and Hibou, of course!


“Oh, Happy Day…”



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