“Oh, Happy Day...”

Posted May 6, 2008




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Zimta:Tis May… fortunate are we not, to have grass sweet for to lie on, friend Hibou? And sky blue for to gaze on –

Zephyrus: Aye, Miss Plum and I agree. Never better to stroll; my hooves enjoy the grass’ cool caress.

Hibou: *hooooo*… (suddenly alert) *hoo!*-in-shrub-something-see-*hoo-hoo!*



**Hibou darts off**

Tiny Voice: SQUEEEEE! Help MEEEE!

Zimta: OH! Voice tiny familiar sounds – be it -- ?

Zephyrus: If it belongs to someone known by you, you’d best hurry, Mistress Zimta. Hibou has sharp talons as well as eyes –

Tragic Plum: Oooh, it’s not one of my sisters… or ME… ooooh



Hibou: *hoo-hoo*-sweet-fat-morsel-… -closer-closer-closer-*hoo!*

Moth: SQUEEEEEE – why you eat ME? Why don’ you KNOW me, Owl Girlie? HELLLLLLLLLP MEEEEEEEEEEEE!



Zimta: Friend Hibou, Friend Hibou, STOP! Little friend this is, Moth this is – eat her not!

Moth: OOOOOO, ZIMMY! Save me, save me, Zimmy! Owl Girl she gone crazy, think me FOOD! Oh, oh, oh!

Hibou: *hoo*-moth-is-moth-is-food-talk-or-no-*hooo*



Zimta: What bringeth you here, friend little mine? Surely was a journey dangerous for one so small --

Moth: I come to be wit’ YOU, Zimmy – missed you – why didn’ you bring me when you went away? Tha’s why I come lookinfer YOU, not Owl Girl!



Zimta: Oh, little friend Moth, sorry am I to take you not when set out I for to seek friend Hibou. Feared I too dangerous it would be. Happy am I to see you, and leave not will I ever again! *hug*

Moth: T’ank you, Zimmy – I SO happy to see you too. *kiss*

Hibou: *hoo*-Hibou-be-happy-for-FOOD-*hoo-hoo*



Zephyrus: So this is the rescued – I am Zephyrus, and on my back is Miss Tragic Plum – what are you called, little one?

Zimta: Moth this is, friend mine from forest far our home –

Moth: -- yes! Dat’s me, d’o’ I prettier  dan de bugs dat flies – but I don’ fly so good. If I did, I not get caught so easy by Owl Girl!

Tragic Plum: Ooh, my sisters and I are SPARROWS, but we don’t fly either… we just RUN…



Zimta: Fly not may Moth, but a cheerful soul hath she –

Moth: My SHOES gots SOLES – you like my shoes? Dey new, jus’ for dis trip!



Zimta: Yes, friend Moth – fine shoes are yours, for to journey far as have you. Rest you can now, and soon will I you show home new, and shoes mine. *smile*

Moth: Shoes, shoes, Moth like shoes, wanna live in a shooooe, lalalalalalalala!



Zephyrus: I see what you mean, Mistress Zimta; Moth is indeed cheerful. I daresay Ms. Beamlette will be receptive, and let her happily reside here, especially since she takes up hardly any space.

Tragic Plum: Oh – I’m glad she wants to live in a shoe… just as long as she doesn’t try to take over my sisters’ SHELF!... oooh



Moth: I gots a new home, I gots a new home, I gots a new hoooomedat’s som’t’ng to sing about – lalalala, lalalala. lalalalalalalalalalala-LAH!...



Hibou: *hoo*-no-can-eat-MOTH-… -but-moth-BIRD-now-yum! *hoo-hoo*



When you think about it, Hibou has a lot in common with the Sparrows… always on the hunt for FOOD.


There’s that old expression, “The eyes have it,” and this next story is all about that…


This is what happens when you FIND your marbles!



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