This is what happens when you FIND your marbles!

Posted May 12, 2008




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Chance: Hey, Fenchurch! Kenzo! Are you coming with us? Quade and I are ready to leave now –

Quade: Yeah, hustle your muscle, guys – we ain’t got all day for you to *primp*, y’know!



Fenchurch: We’re coming. We just got waylaid by Ms. Beamlette

Kenzo: Yeah, she started messing around –

Chance: YEEEP! What the heck happened to you?

Quade: Yeah – what the HELL’S more like it –



Kenzo: What – you don’t like it? Ms. Beamlette said she found her marbles, and couldn’t wait to try them –

Fenchurch: And as luck would have it, we got to be her first victims – er, test subjects *snicker*.



Kenzo: Yeah, that Ms. Beamlette’s a laugh a minute *snerk*.

Chance: WHERE does she get these ideas, anyway… she spends WAY too much time online *shudder*.

Fenchurch: Actually, she said she’d been wanting to try this for two years, but it took her this long to find her old bag of marbles from grade school –

Quade: Heh, WITH or WITHOUT marbles, she’s still an old bag herself *snort*.




Young Quade: Hey, lookit US, ya big nimrods! **kid laughter**

Chance: Ewwww

Quade: Who YOU callin’ a nimrod, you little #@$%!



Young Quade: These are COOL! I’m the LIZARD KING – an’ I hypnotize you to be MY dinner – RRRRROWWWWWW!!!

Young Chance: I’ve got ZOMBIE eyes… **rolls head**… I – want – your – brain *grunt*.

Young Tabitha: Mine look just like the EGGS I ate this morning – BUUUUUURP!



**Tancredi wanders in**

Fenchurch: Oh-oh, did she get you too, Tancredi?

Quade: Yep – the big gawk’s got some doozies there –

Tancredi: Oui -- Mam’zelle Beamlette, she say to me zat she ‘ad ze per-fect yeux pour moi



Tancredi: An’ I must to agree – zey are like ze flag de ma patrie, n’est pas?  But I do not know what ma belle E’Clair she say about zeese… I must to go show ‘er maintenant. Au revoir! **exits**



Chance: Thank goodness my eyes are still GLUED in – uh-oh –

Kenzo: That sound – I think it’s – the HAIRDRYER!

Fenchurch: Yep – she’s looking to loosen some eyes –

Quade: I don’t know about you dweebs, but I’m outta here – I like MY eyes where they ARE! **takes off**



Needless to say, Hiro didn’t like Fenchurch’s new gaze, and made an impassioned plea for the restoration of her baby blues. She responded to him thusly in an e-mail –





From Fen: Sorry we upset you…

Posted May 12, 2008



Hey Hiro,


You know that Ms. Beamlette, she gets a wild hair, and we have to go with it. It WAS pretty creepy, huh? She had another little brainstorm, and I said, oh sure, let’s do it –


Remember on “Family Guy”, when Stewie had this little mishap? --


“GAH! I broke a damn blood vessel!”






PS – I promise I won’t be wearing any weird eyes while you’re here.



Fenchurch is quite the little joker in her own right – but she did keep her promise when Hiro came to visit soon thereafter. Besides, there’s enough other things in the House of Beamlette to scare him, in –


Blood relatives?  I think NOT!



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