Blood relatives? I think NOT!

Posted May 27, 2008




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Hiro has come to visit! However, the mercury rises, so Fenchurch and Hiro retreat indoors and relax with Fen’s favorite art book, Treasures of British Art, Tate Gallery. (Notice who has returned to his post… !) They are discussing a certain painting; follow this link for a pic and explanation:  The Awakening Conscience



Hiro: That’s a neat effect in this painting, the reflection in the mirror of the outside garden. But what’s up with the title, “The Awakening Conscience”? It looks more like she’s remembered the burning roast in the oven or something.



Fenchurch: *giggle* It does, doesn’t it? But in that era, it was supposed to be a commentary on morals, which the painter Holman Hunt was hung up about. So much so that he tried to reform the model in this painting to be his wife – Annie Miller, who was the daughter of a barfly.

Hiro: Oh, the old "turning the bad girl good", huh? Sounds like a lot of work to get a wife - couldn't he find anyone else with the right qualifications?



Fenchurch: I guess not – and, um, I think she was *hot*, compared to girls of his class. In the end, Annie did very well for herself – but NOT with Hunt!

Hiro: All that work for nothing! *snerk*



Varius: **suddenly appears** A charming pastime for two lovely children like you – as old-fashioned as the paintings therein. There was a graciousness to that era, for all its hypocrisies –

Fenchurch: YOU! Where did you come from, as if I need to ask

Hiro: Isn't there a cereal box you'd rather be haunting somewhere, Varius?

Tivadar: Nosferatu!  And he walks by day -- !



Varius: As long as there is no direct sun – I am old enough and strong enough to venture forth when I wish –

Fenchurch: We should’ve hidden the SPF 700 then…

Tivadar: You loathsome creature of the Living Dead – if you DARE touch a hair of their heads, YOUR head will become my personal plaything, do you hear?

Hiro: You tell him, Tivadar! How about a little demonstration? Please??



Varius: Come now – that will not be necessary. You are as safe as in a mother’s arms when around me. Besides, I have fed already. Now I seek companionship and camaraderie –

Tivadar: Your kind are cunning; I shall be vigilant, lest you surprise us again –

Fenchurch: MY mother didn’t have such pointy canine teeth, I can tell you that!

Hiro: I bet HIS mother was pretty damn scary, too!




Varius: Now, now, you witty cubs – we may discuss my mother, if you wish. She was only scary in her later years, when the lead-based make-up she wore had irreversibly poisoned her. Oddly enough, she DID look like a vampire, though she wasn’t one, I assure you –

Tivadar: No… nosferatu  do not have mothers in the conventional sense, thanks be to the gods –

Hiro: If you're looking for "camaraderie", why don't you go bug that lady vampire of yours, and leave us alone?

Fenchurch: Hiro’s right; go look for Arsinoe, why don’t you?



Varius: Ah, Arsinoe… well, you see, she is preoccupied at the present, with a little visitor from her past. So, I have given them their privacy; hence my need for other companions in discourse to while away the hours –

Fenchurch: Oh-oh – this may mean another vampire in the house –

Tivadar: **stiffening** Another  bloodsucker under this roof -- ?

Hiro: *a little nervous* Well, hey, maybe if she's busy, she won't be after us –



Arsinoe: **suddenly appears** Why Master Hiro, when there are guests  in the house, I find time for all of them – especially YOU!

Hiro: Huh – what -- ?



Hiro: Gahhhh! I HATE it when you sneak up on me like that! And why me?? Go find someone else to torment!

Arsinoe: My, my, how you overreact to a simple embrace of greeting – one can only imagine how a peck on the cheek would’ve launched you in orbit…



Hiro: With YOUR kind, there is no such thing as a sincere greeting, OR a peck on the cheek - it's all about the snack attack, isn't it? Go find yourself another boy toy to prey on, ice queen.

Arsinoe: Well… this is so. I have my visitor, who could fit your description of my “boy toy”…



Arsinoe: Ah, Robbin, my fledgling, do meet some mortals of the household, including this saucy boy, who visits as you do –

Robbin: I’ve had glimpses of them unawares, but I am ready for an introduction –



Robbin: Your impertinence to my mistress shall not go unrewarded, Tanaka Kazuhiro – see, I know your name, and rather more about you than you would like.

Hiro: Ha! If YOU'D fought a little harder, maybe she wouldn't have GOT you. And I don't intend to let you get me either.

Robbin: *hmph* Do not flatter yourself -- your neck is of no interest to me. I’m in no hurry to settle my score, either.

Hiro: Ah, go crawl back in your box before you get heat stroke, smartass. You don't scare me. I've met worse vampires than you, and I'm still alive to tell about it!



Fenchurch: Um, Hiro, I think you should leave off with the taunts –

Hiro: Are you saying I'm no good at bluffing?

Varius: Let the boy think he’s won, my dear Fenchurch – you should know that by now.

Arsinoe: I appreciate your defense, my sweet, however unnecessary. It flatters me that you would rise to the occasion after all these years –

Robbin: I am MOST sincere, dear Arsinoe, where YOU are concerned *smile*.



Fenchurch: Sorry, Hiro, I guess it was too much to expect that they’d stay away like they did for your last visit. Though I think they’re not going to make you their dinner, anyway – just the floor show.

Hiro: I can't believe they don't have anything better to do than monkey with us. It's getting awfully crowded in here. Let's go outside... in the SUNSHINE.



Did anyone notice Robbin’s similarity to Hiro, by the way?


Hiro and Fen made good on their exit to the great outdoors –


Fenchurch and Hiro and Wynnefred and Chance



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