Fenchurch and Hiro and Wynnefred and Chance

Posted May 28, 2008by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: FINALLY! I sure needed some fresh air.
Fenchurch: Me too. I was never so glad to see the sunshine.

Hiro: See? Did I have a good idea, or what?
Fenchurch: *giggles* Oh yes, Hiro. I never would have thought of getting away from VAMPIRES!
Hiro: HEY!

Wynnefred: Hey, look... Hiro and Fenchurch finally got smart and came outside too.
Chance: It was awfully crowded in there, wasn't it?

Wynnefred: I don't really mind it. Everyone is so cheerful and happy, and I love seeing the little kids. But... I won't complain about "alone time" with you.
Chance: Me neither, Wynnefred!

Hiro: So... you up for a soccer rematch?
Fenchurch: Hiro! How can you think about soccer at a time like this?

Hiro: Huh? I can't control where my brain goes.
Fenchurch: Even when I'm right here with you?
Hiro: But... I WAS thinking about you! Playing soccer with... you... *trails off* Am I in trouble?

Oh, Chaaaance... what are you thinking about?
Chance: *embarrassed* Wynnefred... you know I go all weak in the knees when you look at me like that.
Wynnefred: But that's why I do it. *giggles*

Wynnefred: Chaaance... you didn't answer my question...
Chance: I... I feel like someone's watching us.

Fenchurch: *smiles* No, you're not in trouble.
Hiro: *phew* Oh, good.
Fenchurch: I'd never pick on you just for saying what you think. *giggles* Within REASON, that is.

Hiro: So, uh... you, uh, ready to help me organize that soccer game? It'll be cooling off here pretty soon, won't it?
Fenchurch: Sure, Hiro... hang on for just a sec, while Ms. beamlette takes our picture.
Hiro: What's taking her so long? And why is she grinning like that?

Chance: *notices galatia9* Oh. No wonder.
Wynnefred: Linda's just taking pictures. She thinks we're cute.

Chance: Cute??
Wynnefred: Sure. Don't you think we're a cute couple?
Chance: I guess so... but –

Hiro: Actually... maybe that game can wait a while longer.
Fenchurch: Hiro... that's the SECOND good idea you've had today.

Chance: Ms. Linda, I hope you don't mind, but... can't you go find someone ELSE to take pictures of right now?



I think we drove Wynnefred and Chance back indoors, however –





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