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Ulf: Dis is my OWN song I play, Maeby – I do th’ BIG bangs, an’ you keep makinlotsa little bangs on you pot, OK?

Maeby: Oh… you mean I don’ gets to make any big bangs, too?




Ulf: NO, ‘cause I’m th’ boy, an’ it’s MY song. You keep bangin’ you pot like dis - **bangbangbangbangbang** See?

Maeby: Awww… can’t I make a BIG bang too, after all my little bangs?



Ulf: NOPE! I’m gonna stawt now -- **BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGetc.**



Maeby: I don’ think annyone’ll hear me play… *sigh*




Chance: Maeby! ULF! Stop that noise RIGHT NOW! Who gave you those pans?

Maeby: Oh big bro’ver, we jus’ playin’ – a funny lady in thkicchen gave ‘em to us –

Ulf: Yeah – she dwessed all fancy, said we dwive spiwits away –

Wynnefred: What funny lady in the kitchen, sweetie?

Chance: *sigh* ANOTHER imaginary friend, I think -- !



Tabitha: What the #$@%* is all that RACKET? Oh! The rug rats are at it, messin’ with the kitchenware -- #$@%*!

Ulf: I’m not no wug wat! What’s a #$@%*?

Chance: Tabby, watch your mouth around the kids! Sheesh!

Wynnefred: Maeby, I think we’d better put away the pots and utensils now --



Chance: Tabby, you and Malfoy take Ulf and Maeby out of here – Wynnefred and I want some private time in the living room – right NOW! And no more swearing!

Tabitha: Yeah, yeah, yeah *grumble* who died and made you king? Alright, Ulfster, c’mon, and you too, Maeby – big bro’ wants to snuggle with his girlfriend, and doesn’t need your serenading –

Ulf: *grumble* No ‘pweciation a’ music ‘wound HERE!

Maeby: Bye-bye, Wynn’fwed – can I see you later?

Wynnefred: Bye-bye, Maeby – I’ll come tell you a story at bedtime, okay?



Wynnefred: For just two little ones they sure made enough noise, didn’t they?

Chance: Yeah – you’ve got to watch them every minute. And that story about the funny lady – I shouldn’t be surprised at any thing they make up, should I? You do what you can to explain your way out of trouble when you’re a little kid –

Wynnefred: So – you don’t think there really was a funny lady? Or –



Wynnefred: -- maybe it was me, and I’m really a fairy godmother in disguise, who’ll hit you with her wand, and turn you into a frog or something -- **BONK**

Chance: Hey! No fair –



Chance: But if I’m a frog, I’ll need someone to take the spell off me – like a princess… or a certain girl with big blue eyes, who looks cute even when she’s wearing a big spaghetti pot on her head…

Wynnefred: -- Said by a certain dark-haired boy who wears a colander like it was a top hat *giggle* --



Chance: -- A certain dark-haired boy who likes to get lost in those big blue eyes whenever he can – which is never often enough, he thinks –

Wynnefred: Nope, NEVER often enough…  But what do you do when I’m not here?



Chance: Oh, boring stuff – work, work and more work --

Wynnefred: Then we’d better PLAY, PLAY, PLAY while we can! And not just with pots’n’pans! *giggle*





Hiro’s visit wouldn’t be complete without Ulf – LOL!


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