Kiss It and Make It Better

Posted May 30, 2008




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Hiro: Oh no... not now. Please, not now.

Fenchurch: He seems to be upset about something –

Ulf: *sniffle*



Hiro: Fenchurch, he is totally faking it. Blowing smoke. I know what faking looks like, and that is FAKING. You know how he is – can’t trust him as far as you can throw him. And I bet I can throw him pretty FAR.

Fenchurch: I don’t think it’ll come to that. Relax, ignore him, and he’ll get bored and go away.

Ulf: *snuffle* Fen’urch… *sniffff*



Hiro: *hmph* It’s pretty hard to ignore something that annoying… okay, here goes – ignoring – ignoring – ignoring – is he gone YET?

Fenchurch: As far as I’m concerned, yes – all I can see is YOU *smile*.

Hiro: Now THAT I like to hear. *smiles*

Ulf: Fen’urch… don’ ‘nore me! *snifflesnifflesnuffff*



Ulf: Hiwo, you STOP makinFen’urch ‘NORE me! Go AWAY! *stomp*

Hiro: OW!!! HEY! My FOOT! Why, you rotten little #$%@!!

Fenchurch: What the – Ulf!



Fenchurch: Ulf, I’m very mad at you right now – scoot! Back to your room, ‘til I tell you to come out! NOW!

Hiro: You heard her – go away! We don’t want to see you until it's time for your high school graduation!

Ulf: I’m only goin’ ‘cause FEN’URCH said so! Don’ you get your cooties all over her while I’m gone! **exits**

Hiro: Pfft! Too late, you little squirt!



Hiro: Ow – He’s got those damn clodhoppers on – grrr

Fenchurch: Awww, sorry, Hiro – can I kiss it and make it better?



Hiro: Sure – and just to make it easy on you – how about starting up here? – Mmmm

Fenchurch: I think I can do that -- *smooch*



Hiro: I don't get it. What did I DO to make him hate me? He just won’t give up! Sheesh! I was NEVER like that when I was his age.

Fenchurch: Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what little kids are thinking. You have to be patient, ‘til they outgrow it. I bet you outgrew some funny things, too.



Hiro: Nope – not me. Y’know… it STILL hurts –right HERE, doc – I think I need another one…

Fenchurch: I think you do, too -- *smooch*.



Hiro: Um, could you make it two – or three more? I wanna be sure we didn’t miss anything… Plus an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... or something like that.

Fenchurch: Ah – I wouldn’t want you to sue for malpractice! … *smooch*.



Fenchurch: How are you feeling now, my impatient patient?

Hiro: Pretty good, pretty good… but you better stick around in case I have a relapse. *chuckle*.


And thanks again to DE for Fenchurch’s lovely summer dress!



Maybe you could call Ulf an “accidental” cupid?

 I think Hiro came out of this pretty well.


But Fenchurch would never completely dismiss Ulf,

so of course she checked in on him –


Ulf’s Time Out



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