Ulf’s Time Out

Posted May 31, 2008




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Fenchurch: **calling from door** Ulf – how are you doing?

Ulf: *mopey* Not doin’ NOTHIN’…



Fenchurch: I see… I know you’re mad, but you needed a time out.

Ulf: No I DIDN’! Awww… you don’t unnerstan’… **chucks block**



Fenchurch: Now, Ulf, you know that wasn’t nice to interrupt Hiro and me. But I’d like to understand why you get that way when Hiro is around –

Ulf: I dunno WHY he hasta come here an’ see you. *pout*

Hiro: **outside the door** You'll understand in about TEN years, shorty, when YOU finally discover girls.



Fenchurch: Well… Hiro is my boyfriend, and I like him very much. We don’t get to see each other a lot, so when he’s here, I like to spend as much time with him as I can.

Ulf: But… I like you TOO -- *sniiiffff*



Ulf: I – I – I’m afwaid you’ll stop likin’ me, an’ go away FOWEVER wit’ HIWO – *sob*. Den what will happen to ME?

Hiro: **outside the door** You won't be the bane of my existence any more, THAT'S what will happen.

Fenchurch: Aw, sweetie, I won’t stop liking you! And I won’t be going away forever, at least not for a long, long time. I can like both of you, just in different ways, is all.



Ulf: *sniff-snifff* How diff’went?

Fenchurch: *smile* I like you because you’re a little boy, and I like Hiro because he’s a big boy. And you know big and little boys are different – some of the time, anyway!

Hiro: **outside the door** I HEARD that.



Ulf: Ahhhhhh! I t’ink I’m better now – t’anks, Fen’urch.

Fenchurch: *giggle* I’d say you are – you’re sure relaxed!



Ulf: But I gots somepin’ to say to Hiwo – Hey, HIWO, I’M still here wit’ Fen’urch when you gots to go home! NYAHHHH!

Fenchurch: True – but not very nice, sweetie. Though why should I be surprised? *laughing*

Hiro: **outside the door** You really expected him to be NICE after a time-out??



Heheh, that Ulf is a smart little boy – or is it SMARTY?


The next story is an essay in goofin’ around, as performed by Hiro, Fenchurch and a classic Vegas souvenir…


Sign ‘o the Times



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