Sign ‘o the Times

Posted June 2, 2008 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Fenchurch: Pssst, Ms. Beamlette thinks that’s a very cool sign, and she wants our picture with it – just humor her, okay?

Hiro: *dubious*  I GUESS it's kinda cool. But sure, anything to keep her happy.



Hiro: What’s so special about this sign, anyway, that they make little copies, and people BUY them?

Fenchurch: It was designed and put up in the 1950s, on the highway that led into the Strip, to let you know you’d arrived. Retro stuff is pretty popular right now, because of all the nostalgic baby boomers like Ms. Beamlette



Hiro: I hope the original one was bigger. So, let me get this straight... we're being nostalgic about – someone else’s nostalgia?

Fenchurch: Good question – what comes around, goes around? Makes you dizzy if you think too hard about it –



Hiro: Bright lights big city don't make ME dizzy! Why, I feel right at home! I feel like... bursting into song...
Fenchurch: Oh no... not that. No, please.
Hiro: *off-key*
"Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire..."
Fenchurch: Hiro, NO! Hahahahaha!! Oh, stop!
Hiro: *off-key*
"Got a whole lot of money thats ready to burn, so get those stakes up higher..."



Fenchurch: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ow, it hurts, stoppit! Ohhhhhahaha… *gasp*

Hiro: Whatsamatter, can't you take it?? *off-key* "There's a thousand skanky women just a-waitin' out there, and they can wait forever, for all I care..."
Fenchurch: Hiro, QUIT! Hahahahahaha!! I can't breathe! Besides, you're getting the words all wrong!
Hiro: *off-key*
"Cos I'm just the devil with love to spare! Viva las vegas, viva las vegaaaaaaas!!"



Fenchurch: Not that I mind -- *giggle* -- I do like it that you make me laugh, I really do –

Hiro: Hey, just trying to return the favor, you know. I'm a modern, equal opportunity kind of guy.



Hiro: *phew* Sheesh, I'm out of breath too. *happy sighh*

Fenchurch: Uh-oh – why is Ms. Beamlette looking at me like that -- ?

Hiro: Like what?



Fenchurch: You stinker, you put your hand behind my head, didn’t you – just because I did it to you the other day!

Hiro: *in a bad Elvis accent* I have NO idea what you’re talking about, baby – no idea at ALL. In fact, I'm not even sure I KNOW you. *whistles "Viva Las Vegas" off-key*



Fenchurch: Mister, you’re in for the tickling of your LIFE – right NOW! **grabs his sides**

Hiro: Fenchurch! Fenchurch NO!! Hahahaha!! The sign -- you gotta respect the SIGN!!!



There’s payoffs, and there’s payback – not always from a slot machine!


It’s not all about goofin’ for Hiro and Fen – as this story by galatia9 shows --


Hiro gets serious…



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