Hiro gets serious...

Posted June 3, 2008 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: Man, I'm pooped.
Fenchurch: Tuckered out.
Hiro: Winded.
Fenchurch: Beat.
Hiro: Run down.
Fenchurch: Rode hard and put away wet.
Hiro: Just plain dead.

Fenchurch: Good game, though.
Hiro: Yeah, it was. *yawn*
Fenchurch: *teases* And I don't just mean good for MY team.
Hiro: *hmph*
Fenchurch: You guys put up a good fight.
Hiro: It was pretty good. I can't complain.

Fenchurch: Next time, we'll switch team members, and you can try again.
Hiro: Nah, I'll stick with the same guys. I like to think I have some LOYALTY.
Fenchurch: Hiro!! Are you implying I don't have loyalty?
Hiro: Yes. I mean, NO! Of course you do. *chuckles*
Fenchurch: Well, you BETTER think so, mister! *laughs*

Hiro: *seriously* Of course I do. Fenchurch... you're one of the most deep-down true and honest people I know.
Fenchurch: *taken aback* Why, Hiro... what a sweet thing to say.
Hiro: It's the truth. I think... that's why you're so important to me.
Fenchurch: I am?
Hiro: Of course you are!

Hiro: You know, whenever I do something, almost anything... I find myself wondering, "What would Fenchurch think of me if I did this?"
Fenchurch: You DO??
Hiro: I wonder if you would approve, or disapprove, or if you would think it was fun or interesting.
Fenchurch: Hiro, really?

Hiro: Yes, really. And I don't normally make bad decisions, but... I really do feel like you help me make better ones... even if you're not there.
Fenchurch: *pauses* I never knew I had this effect on you. And a GOOD effect, at that.
Hiro: You probably have it on a lot of people. You're a good person... and I bet other people want to be LIKE you.
Fenchurch: Hiro... you sound like you've put a lot of thought into this. I don't know what to say.
Hiro: I have. I've been thinking about you and about us a lot lately. Even more than I usually do.

Fenchurch: You're full of surprises today. Like when you got that goal right past me earlier.
Hiro: *scoffs* Pfft, that was just luck. But Fenchurch... I think I'm lucky every day, just because of you. And... there's something I wanted to ask you.
Fenchurch: What?
Hiro: Would... I mean, uh... would you introduce me to your family?

Fenchurch: Hiro!!
Hiro: Whaaat?
Fenchurch: My family??
Hiro: Yes! I don't mean your cousins, or Easton. I know them. But... what about your mother, or your aunt and uncle? I know you don't get to see your mom often, but... I... *softly* I think I'd like it if they got to know me.
Fenchurch: My gosh, Hiro... you ARE serious.
Hiro: I am. More serious than I've ever been about anything in my whole life.

Fenchurch: Don't you think... we're a little young to be so serious?
Hiro: Yes, and no. I mean... I know we're not really doing anything now, like living together, but... I can't help thinking about the future, can you?
Fenchurch: Of course I think about the future.
Hiro: Is it a future with me in it?
Fenchurch: Oh Hiro... of course you're in it. Of COURSE you are.
Hiro: Then... that's all that matters. That's what's important. I... wanted to be sure I asked you before we leave tomorrow.
Fenchurch: Hiro... I have to say I'm surprised... but it means a lot to me that you care this much about me.
Hiro: I do. And Fenchurch... it's not just caring. You know that, right?

Fenchurch: Hiro...
Hiro: It's not. *embarrassed* I've been thinking about this a lot... Fenchurch, I --
Fenchurch: *a little nervous* Hiro...
Hiro: Let me finish. I just want to say... that... a quote from a Billy Crystal movie fits in really, really well here.
Fenchurch: Which one? Let me guess... *teases* Is it, "Sonny, true love is the greatest thing in the world. Except for a nice MLT, a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean"?
Hiro: *smiles* No. It's... "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Fenchurch: I think I like yours better.
Hiro: I don't know... a nice MLT is hard to beat.



Yes… they really are on their way to growing up… *snif*


After Hiro’s departure, another guest made his way to the House of Beamlette


Journey's end...



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