Journey’s end...

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*After a long, hot day, Inigo sits in the cooling dusk air, reading...*

*He hears a soft, barely perceptible sound...*

Inigo: Glorfindel!
Glorfindel: Inigo... forgive me for intruding, and for not making my visit known to you beforehand. I've... I've come a long way, and...
Inigo: Please, don't trouble yourself with explanations now. Come with me, Glorfindel, and take some rest. You must be very weary after such a long journey... for I know how far you've come.

*the next morning...*

Inigo: You look much better today!
Glorfindel: Yes, I'm very well. I... Inigo... thank you. I didn't realize how tired I was.
Inigo: Please, sit down. Unless you're in a hurry to rush off again. *smiles*
Glorfindel: *rueful smile* Believe me, I'm not.

Glorfindel: I'm sure you must be wondering why I've come so far. And you might be surprised to hear that... you are the one I wish to see. I waited for some time to find you alone.
Inigo: Indeed? Why me?
Glorfindel: Because I... You realize it's not easy for me to tell you this... but I am seeking your help.
Inigo: Glorfindel, I told you before... I'm not certain I can do anything for you. You may have wasted your trip.
Glorfindel: I have nowhere else to turn. My resources have run dry... *wryly* unless I wish to travel even further.
Inigo: *sigh* I will do what I can, but I can't promise you anything.
Glorfindel: I understand.
Inigo: Very well.

Glorfindel: Inigo... first of all, you know I haven't been here very long. Less than a year. My previous memories of my father were from my childhood, when we lived with our people. I remember him, and our family, and our beautiful home, but no more. I don't know the true name of our people, or the true name of the hidden place where we lived. But I recently found out that after my childhood, but before my adolescence... my father had put a charm on me to put me to sleep. He wrote about it in his papers, which I found after I awakened. And now... he is gone. It's as if he never existed. I want to find him.

Inigo: What is his name?
Glorfindel: Gwindor. Gwindor Rowantree. I have no knowledge of his fate. And since I have access to his documents now, I'm trying to discover the true name of our people and their home... and I want to go back there. I don't feel I belong here. I tried to adapt, and tried to make connections with others of Elvenkind, as you know, hoping that would suffice, but I was unsuccessful. Mere connections are not enough. And I no longer have the heart to persevere in that direction, since I know now that such an endeavour is doomed to failure.

Glorfindel: But... I don't know the way home. Father didn't include any contemporary maps among his papers, so I can't compare them to the ancient ones he left me. I tried, but even after extensive research, I can't find a suitable match, in topography, geography or climate. I guess... the world has changed too much since then. I think I was asleep a long time. A VERY long time.

Inigo: Glorfindel, I'm sorry, but I don't know of him by his name. I'm willing to look at your maps and your documents, if you wish.
Glorfindel: *sigh* I thought it was at least worth a try to ask you. Perhaps you'll recognize my people after reading about them?
Inigo: Perhaps. If I do, I'll tell you all I can. But... there are others I know who are far more well-travelled than I.
Glorfindel: *coldly* I won't speak with Sanar, if he is your suggestion. I will ask no favors of him.
Inigo: No... I thought not. But there is another. I will see what I can do.

Glorfindel: Thank you. *hesitates* Inigo...
Inigo: Yes?
Glorfindel: I know it must be difficult for you to talk about, but I feel I have to ask... I don't understand why you would want to leave your home and your people... when returning to them is the only thing I can think of. It's not only finding the whereabouts of my father that drives me back. The desire to return runs deeper than that.
Inigo: Perhaps the difference is that I have been conscious -- for far too long – of my circumstances. Not to make light of yours, no… mine has been a slow-growing feeling of unease, of dissatisfaction with some of the ways of my people.

Inigo: My older brother Sanar was the shining star of our family, and I was content to be subordinate, as he had the gifts, and the force of character to find a high position suited for him. I know you are at odds with him, for just those traits – but he never forgets we are kin, and he has always looked out for me – even now. He hides my defection from the Alar, at some risk to me and him. For this I am grateful… however… I feel guilt, as he could do this for me, but would not stand up for his wife’s sister against the council. She should’ve mattered as much as me. And coward I was, to not speak out in her behalf. This, as well as the arrogance of the Alar as to their superiority, has long chafed at me. So, this is how I find myself here in the mortal world, to see if I can find a place among them.

Glorfindel: I don't wish to make it sound petty, for I know the separation must have been traumatic, however slowly your unhappiness festered...but I would pay nearly any price for opportunities such as you had. You took your existence there for granted, and even considered it a burden, when for me, staying there would have been a treasure. And now I see it's impossible for you to go back. I can't imagine a situation such as yours. And I... I guess I didn't think if my people would even be accepting of me if I DID return. I remember a feeling of acceptance and belonging in my youth. I... would hope that hasn't changed.
Inigo: And I would hope that for you, too. I know of someone who is well-suited to assist you in your quest, someone who is skilled at finding what may seem forever lost – my cousin Junco –

Glorfindel: I... I don't want you to think me ungrateful, Inigo, after your willingness to help me... but I am wary about accepting HER help. Im fact, my first inclination is to refuse it. I know how close she is to Sanar.
Inigo: If I were in your position, I would likely feel the same; trust is a difficult matter. However, I know she has aided many and diverse folk in the past, and continues to do so now. This is the best advice I can give, Glorfindel -- I'm sorry that it is of so little help.

Glorfindel: You have been a great help. I... just don't think I am ready to accept HER help. More than anything else, though... I am grateful to have someone I may count as a friend. I assure you, your willingness and kindness make up for any lack. *sincerely* Thank you.

Inigo: You are most welcome, Glorfindel -- and I am honored to be counted as your friend. *bows head*

Junco: Yes, Master Glorfindel -- you ARE most welcome...



If Glorfindel only knew that Junco was nearby -- !


A sunny day on the patio finds Zimta taking in a little fresh air, and more –


A hope realized...



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