A hope realized...

Posted June 14, 2008 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Zimta: A day fine is this. Yet feel I somehow something afoot is... Oh! A sound high, the cry like of a bird strange, away far –

Zimta: Nay... imagination mine plays tricks, methinks. **starts to hum**

Inigo: Ah, Zimta -- we have a visitor, a kindred soul from far afield; you may recognize the name -- Glorfindel. Glorfindel, this is Zimta --
Glorfindel: Of course, I would never forget her. Zimta, I'm very pleased to meet you in person, finally. *smiles*
Zimta: Hail, friend Glorfindel -- truly a way long have you come! Honored are we that visit you have.
Glorfindel: Friend Zimta, the honor is all mine. Thank you for your welcome.

Inigo: Please excuse me, Glorfindel, but I've a task to do before I forget it again.
Glorfindel: Don't worry about me, Inigo. Please, take your time.
Inigo: If you don't mind, Zimta, please entertain our guest until I can return --
Zimta: If friend Glorfindel minds not -- do sit and comfortable be!
Glorfindel: I mind not at all. *smiles*

Glorfindel: Friend Zimta... I never did have the chance to thank you for your kindness to me, though I was a stranger to you. I... I feel I can't thank you enough.
Zimta: Kind are YOU, for to give thanks to my words simple. Touched was I when of your sadness heard, and ignore it I could not.
Glorfindel: Still, you went out of your way for me, when others would not. And even when my judgment was poor, you treated me not with contempt, but with sympathy and understanding.

Zimta: Yet found any of that which you sought, friend Glorfindel? Thought I at times of quandary yours, and did hope all came well –

Glorfindel: No, friend Zimta... I'm afraid I didn't. Because I was looking in the wrong direction. I sought contentment in a place where I could find none. I should have realized that a mere connection wasn't what I wanted.

Glorfindel: I'm sure I can tell you, my friend, and you'll understand. I came here to speak with Inigo, to see if... if he could possibly help me find my way back home. And he's offered to assist me in any way he can. I hope to find my father there, and to find a place where I feel I belong.
Zimta: Hope there is always, friend Glorfindel -- that thought to keep, and find happiness yours even at the road's bend next.
Glorfindel: I know it won't be an easy journey, or a short one... and I certainly don't expect to find my way immediately. But... I'm starting to finally feel like I'm no longer directionless.

Zimta: Think I you no quitter are! Faith to keep, friend Glorfindel -- friend Inigo surely help more will give -- and even friend Junco call upon we may!

Glorfindel: *aside* Junco again... Inigo said the same thing. *uneasy* Zimta... do you know Junco well? I don't wish to offend Inigo by being distrustful of her, but... can you tell me your honest opinion of her?

Zimta: Ah -- not long have known I her; met we under roof this when waned the winter. Feel I though that friend Junco a friend IS, and follow she would to Earth's End if asked. Aye, in her eye saw I THAT --
Glorfindel: *disappointed* I thought you had known her longer! I do believe you, friend Zimta... but her close alliance with Sanar still makes me uneasy. I don't wish to ask for her help. I could never ask her to journey with me if I didn't trust her. And I know I can't ask Inigo to leave here, for his own safety.

Glorfindel: *impulsively* Zimta... Come with me. You have no attachments to keep you here, and I would be glad of your company. Please...
Zimta: Friend Glorfindel! Flattered I am, that my self so silly could be help yours -- though truly friend Junco hath the skill so sorely you need for to seek. 'Twas only by accident found I this house, when journey took I for to find friend Hibou --
Glorfindel: More than anything else, I seek only a companion, a friend. I wouldn't ask you to guide me on my travels, but simply to go with me! I –

**a bird appears**
Niku: Ni-ku! Ni-ku!
Zimta: Thought I cries of bird heard I earlier!
Glorfindel: What the...?

Zimta: Enchanted fowl must you be -- from whence come you, fair luminous? So tame, friend bird!

Zimta: **coos** Birdy-bird, birdy-bird... !
Glorfindel: *grumble*


Glorfindel: *surprised* Who...?
Shakkyo: *bows politely*
Zimta: AH! Friend SHAKKYO! Returned from journey far and long!!!

Zimta: Knew I was friend bird magical -- harbinger indeed of tidings good!
Glorfindel: *under his breath* Good for some, perhaps.

Zimta: Come, sit, friend Shakkyo! To rest feet weary, after journey hard --
**Glorfindel departs**

Zimta: Oh... friend Shakkyo, to see not for so many suns and moons -- I -- I -- know not what to say... words mine away they run –

**Shakkyo opens fan**
Zimta: -- but HAPPY am I! Yes, yes...



We shall give them their privacy… J


Privacy is a hard commodity to find in the House of Beamlette, as Glorfindel will discover –


An offer is made...



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