An offer is made...

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Glorfindel: *to himself* So... THAT was Zimta's sweetheart? He didn't have much to say. I suppose I can't count on her assistance any longer...

Glorfindel: *to himself* This isn't going as well as I thought... if Inigo isn't able to help me, I may have made this trip for nothing...

Glorfindel: *to himself* And why do they keep pushing Junco on me?? They just don't seem to understand, her assistance isn't what I want. I –

Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku...
Glorfindel: What the...?

Glorfindel: Maybe if I ignore it.... irritating thing.
Niku: ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku-ni-ku!
Glorfindel: Grrr... why won't it go away??

Zimta: Niku-pretty-birdy, found you have I -- Ah, friend Glorfindel, why alone do sit you? Mayhap Niku also wondered, for why led he me here --
Glorfindel: *to himself* At least it's good for something... *aloud* Friend Zimta... I, uh... I was just waiting for Inigo to return. Where is your friend?

Zimta: Friend Shakkyo to his room has gone, so play with Niku was I, until led me to you he did. 'Twas without thought forgot I of you, when did appear friend Shakkyo so surprising -- many MANY months has he been gone!
Glorfindel: So... he's the one you spoke of. The one you said was like a lion...

Zimta: Aye, well you remember, friend Glorfindel! A journey long and perilous he undertook, say not where to go he would. But took he an uma with, for to deliver whither... and return he with this bird so smart, sure am I it hath great magick. Named Niku it is, like unto its cry.
Glorfindel: *to himself* Vain enough, to say its own name over and over.

 *aloud* Friend Zimta... I'm glad for you, and for your friend Shakkyo, that he has returned safely. And... I'm sorry if I was rude. I didn't realize how long it had been since you had seen him.
Zimta: Neither harm done nor offense taken, friend Glorfindel. So happy am I at friend Shakkyo's return safe, all else be not serious.

Zimta: Ah, see that -- how hops Niku into hand yours! Know he must what friend good you are, methinks.
Glorfindel: *baffled* I uh... err... right. Maybe he's hungry. Zimta... you say your friend Shakkyo is well-traveled?
Zimta: Friend Shakkyo traveled has, yes -- though it not be all with map or direction. For him was it to seek something, what not he knew, after uma delivered. An inner voice he heeded, him to take here and there, mayhap he discover truth personal, not so much thing or place.
Glorfindel: Oh... that is quite a different kind of journey. I doubt he would be any help to me.

Zimta: For matters Elven, not, think I. Please to consider friend Junco. Willing am I for to help that you should meet, only say, and make it happen I will.
Glorfindel: *to himself* Junco, always Junco.

 *aloud* Thank you, friend Zimta, you're very kind... but if I wish to have her help, I'll ask her myself. I'm sure she would be easy enough to find here.

*to himself again* Since she seems to have a talent for being where she is not wanted.
Zimta: This so is *chuckle* -- shy friend Junco is NOT! Hurry back must I now to friend Shakkyo however -- leave not this household too hasty, friend Glorfindel, as welcome are you also to stay! **exits**

Glorfindel: *surprised at Junco's sudden appearance*
Junco: So, Master Glorfindel, we meet face to face. If this seat is not taken, I should like to join you in the leisure of the balmy afternoon.
Glorfindel: Enjoy it all you wish. In fact, choose ANY seat....

Glorfindel: Don't let ME distract you from your leisure.
Junco: I did not mean to drive you away, Glorfindel. Rather, I should like to hear about your journey -- from one wanderer to another.
Glorfindel: I am no wanderer, Junco. I came here for a reason, only to speak with Inigo.

Junco: And have you fulfilled that purpose yet? Inigo is a good choice, kind and honest to a fault.
Glorfindel: What a strange expression. "To a fault." First you compliment him, then you make it sound as if you think his honesty is a weakness.

Junco: To some others, yes, but I have only respect for him in that regard, as I know he will never purposely seek to deceive. I take it that you hold truth in high regard, Glorfindel -- along with discretion?

Glorfindel: I hope you do not mean to insult me. Of course I do. And I would not value anyone who did not. I have complete faith and trust in Inigo... which is why I sought his counsel.
Junco: Pardon my loose tongue, I meant no insult. I see you as an earnest youth, with a grave purpose, which burdens you, and I sincerely hope you may find what you seek, however you may choose to do that.

Glorfindel: I cannot help my youth. But... what did you mean by your question?
Junco: That I sense you think me dishonest -- because of my discretion. They are not mutually exclusive.

Glorfindel: I do not think you dishonest because you are discreet. But discretion can also hide a true purpose or intent. As in THIS case. Why will you not simply say why you are here?
Junco: Actually, I would like to discuss offering my services to you. I understand you seek something, or someone, dear to you?

Glorfindel: Damn you! I KNEW IT! You eavesdropped in order to make someone else's business your own! And I DO mean business, since you can have no personal interest in me. You must wish for monetary gain, or some other benefit.
Junco: Not at all. Inigo spoke to me of his concern for your dilemma, and I am willing to take on your case along with the many others I tend to. I will serve no one who seeks power or material gain, nor do I desire to profit either.

Glorfindel: I am sorry, Junco... but I am unable to believe you are doing this merely out of the kindness of your heart.
Junco: And what of Inigo's?...
Glorfindel: I will not be indebted to you. Not even through HIM. *he departs*

Junco: *to self* My offer stands, Glorfindel... whenever, wherever. You have only to call, and I shall answer...



Could pepperoni, or the lack thereof, be among Glorfindel’s reasons?


Query: Do Elves eat pizza?



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