The Spatial Anomaly At Work Again

Posted February 19, 2009




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Fenchurch: OH! Are you – who I think you are?

Kleopatra: Dear child, I am no mind reader, despite my prodigious gifts of intellectual and political acumen. Do tell me your deduction.

Fenchurch: You’re Kleopatra VII, last ruler of ancient Egypt!



Kleopatra: Well done, my child! You would not believe the silly answers I get from other whelps of your generation. Tell me, how on earth will the species continue, at this rate of imbecility?

Fenchurch: Good question, your Highness – though from what I’ve read, ‘twas ever thus. People have been complaining like that since the First Intermediate Period, and  -- we’re still here! No extinction yet.

Kleopatra: So true, so true… you may sit, child; I won’t keep you on ceremony. And kindly tell me your name.



Fenchurch: Thank you, your Highness… My name is Fenchurch -- Fenchurch Amick. I have to say, this is very exciting for me. The Spatial Anomaly here has produced some pretty interesting characters, but not a truly famous one. I have so many questions to ask, but I’ll try to keep it down to the most important ones –

Kleopatra: In good time my dear Fenchurch; you may ask as many questions as you like. I’m in no hurry to leave, though I trust you will pace yourself.

Fenchurch: Oh yes, I will! I just wasn’t sure how long you could stay.



Kleopatra: Hmmm… I see you have a statue of the old Egyptian goddess Ma’at. She who keeps chaos at bay, and makes for order and balance in the world.

Fenchurch: Yes, it was a gift. It’s superstitious of me, but I liked to think of it as a guardian of sorts.



Kleopatra: *to self* She uses the past-tense… *aloud* Lovely, my dear…You know, this traversing of the Spatial Anomaly, it has made me hungry. May I prevail upon you for some nourishment?

Fenchurch: Of course, your Highness – follow me!



Fenchurch: *from kitchen* I’ll have this sandwich whipped up in a jiffy, your Highness – have a seat!

Kleopatra: Thank you, Fenchurch… hmmm… **spies envelope** What is that lying on the floor?...



Fenchurch: Here you are, your Highness – what is that?

Kleopatra: This has your name on it, child – I saw it lying under the table behind me. It appears it may have been mislaid -- ?

Fenchurch: Oh! Thank you – I recognize the handwriting!



Fenchurch: **opens envelope** Look at the postmark – wonder how long it’s been lying there…

Kleopatra: Hmmm… *to self* So this is a sandwich -- wouldn’t the Earl be pleased…



Fenchurch: *giggle* Hiro – you are SO funny!

Kleopatra: *musing* “Snapple” – what on earth do they mean by that, I wonder – surely it is not a vintage wine… !



Fenchurch: Excuse me, your Highness, I didn’t mean to be rude and ignore you – it’s just that I’m very happy to have gotten this –

Kleopatra: Not at all, my child. It makes me happy as well, to have found it for you –



Kleopatra: *aside* It appears that the “past-tense” has been restored to the “present” *chuckle*.



Kleopatra has a softer side, it would appear, for young love. *wink*


We find Raven at home, curled up on the sofa in her jammies – shouldn’t she be at school?


You Gotta Have Friends



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