Have Yourself a Merry *Little* Christmas

Posted December 25, 2008




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Raven: Oh! *giggle* Blackie – did you play Santa at the shelter today?



Blackwell: Ho-ho-ho – what makes you think I’m NOT Santa, little girl? *chuckle* Yeah… I did a gig at the shelter – passed out presents to the kids there. You should’ve seen their faces –



Raven: I bet they were amazed – that’s a really fancy costume, and a BIG stomach you’ve got there! *sniff-snif* Boy, is it smoky-smelling –

Blackwell: Yeah, well, you never know where these rentals have been.



Raven: Now that you’re home, let’s open our presents. I’ve been watching them ALL day. *grin*



Blackwell: Here you go, sis – from me to you –

Raven: And here’s mine to you… oh, what could be in a red box!

Blackwell: You know what they say – “Red means danger.” Heh, just kidding, sis.



Raven: Ohhhhhh… Blackie… it’s – it’s beautiful. Where did you find such a nice necklace? Blue pearls…

Blackwell: I got my sources. When I saw that, I knew it’d be right for you – go ahead, put it on.



Raven: It’s wonderful, Blackie – it fits perfectly. So… what do you think of your present?

Blackwell: Wow, sis… thanks…



Blackwell: It’s just like my old favorite pocket knife, the one I lost –

Raven: I know! I was so excited when I found it. It was so funny how I just saw it in a store I happened to go in – I wasn’t really looking. It seemed to find me.

Blackwell: Yeah… it’s funny that way, sometimes…



Raven: Thank you, Blackie, for such a nice Christmas… I always like looking at the glow of the tree lights, don’t you?

Blackwell: Yeah… it makes me think of other Christmases –

Raven: I know… I -- I wish – I wish mama could be here, too…

Blackwell: So do I sis… so do I…



Better slightly late than never, it’s –


2008 Year In Review



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