2008 Year In Review

Posted January 2, 2009




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For Smythe, 2008 started out with a bang –



And ended with a whimper –

And a tiny, but sharp-tongued voice!



Yoshi fared little better in his pursuit of Fenchurch – the answer being an unequivocal “no” --



The boy doesn’t know when to quit – though I think he got the message the second time around…



Yoshi wasn’t the only one to fantasize about Fenchurch. Varius the vampire let his imagination roam, as well as his hands, in a Gothic tale he wrote on Persephone’s computer --



Much to Persephone’s derision—

Yet another tart-tongued tiny voice strikes!



Ulf had the usual skirmish with the visiting Hiro



But he may have found a more insidious competitor for Fenchurch’s affections in the form of another little boy who joined the household – the mysterious Kyo



Tabitha thought she was on top of the world, out-burping the Sparrow sisters at the beginning of the year –



Only to find her turf invaded by yet more Elves – first Junco –



Then Elfride



We’ll see how far her ebay schemes take her –



Speaking of Elfride, hers has not been a rosy path in 2008, Tabby notwithstanding –

Let us hope that in 2009 she – and we – get some answers regarding her mystery…



And maybe Easton will get a little further along with Alma

Or maybe not!



The Sparrows complained to me about a lack of good scripts, especially after losing the burping contest. True, they weren’t seen so much this year, although they shared some of their expertise when it came to restringing your BJDs



And of course indispensible advice on cooking that memorable Thanksgiving dinner –

Yessir, that’s what the pointy end of the yam is for!



The long hot summer forced them to endure the indignity of Waramon’s skirt –



But they did get a *wee* bit closer to olSanty this year –

Well, as close as is possible in MY household; I don’t carry enough insurance for the REAL one to visit!


Most of all, though, my resin household and I thank you very much for reading our stories. And, we wish all of you, and your families, resin and real, a VERY happy and healthy 2009!



Looking back at 2008, it appears some stories are just getting started.


It may be a new year, but the same situations apply, especially where these two – or three – are concerned…





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