Posted January 19, 2009




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Shulamith pauses while dressing in her boudoir



**reading note** “…Here’s a small something for you – in just your color…



 “Think of me when you wear them… in fact, think of me always.



 “Fondly, Etienne.”



Easton: Aren’t you lookin’ fine, Shu. Feminine intuition tell you I’d be asking you out today?

Shulamith: *startled* Huh – it sure didn’t tell me you’d be sneaking in here, did it?



Shulamith: *primping* Besides, what makes you think I’m getting ready for you?

Easton: And why wouldn’t you be? It’s been a while since we had a little rendezvous -- at that club you like –



Shulamith: Not tonight. Business, hon. Strictly business.

Easton: Oh yeah – your little code word for him



Shulamith: What’re you talking about? Business is business.

Easton: Hey, I’m a big boy; you can say his name out loud.

Shulamith: No need, if you know it already *shrug*.



Shulamith: I’ve gotta go now; no time for idle chitchat –

Easton: Sure… go start that meter runnin’, sweetheart –



Shulamith: Don’t wait up for me.

Easton: If you say so – in the interests of conservation, I won’t even bother to leave a light in the window. Have fun *snerk*.



Easton: Man… how can one chick run so hot and cold at the same time… *shakes head*.



Easton: Good thing I don’t depend on just one woman. Easton Brickell is never without options. Hmmm, wonder how that Alma is doin’… think I’ll get some coffee in the morning…*smile*.



Can’t keep a guy like Easton down for long!


The same may be said for those little birdy girls, the Sparrows –


Flying The Coop?



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