Flying The Coop?

Posted January 26, 2009




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Buddha Girl: Eh, get in dere, you fat ol’ chicken – dere’s no room for you anywhere else ‘cept de trunk! *shove*

Big Chicken: Did you ever ask me if I WANT to go? *ouch*

Angry Sparrow: Dat silly, who ever ask a chicken wat it want?

Me: Uh-oh – just what is going on here, girls? And where’s Tragic Plum?



Buddha Girl: Wat you tink it look like, Ms. Beamlette – we PACKIN’ up our tings – we leavin’ here **gives big chicken another shove**

Me: Whoa – why are you leaving? This is rather a surprise -- I think I do deserve to know why you’ve made such a serious decision, not to mention where you’re off to –



Buddha Girl: Well, Ms. Beamlette, it like dis – you been ‘NORIN’ us, we get NO good scrip’s de past year –

Me: I admit your stories haven’t been as plentiful as in the past, but then there’s been a lot of new faces here in need of their stories, too –

Buddha Girl: Yeh, but we you HEAVY lifters, you crowd pleasers! We jus’ not getting’ the RESPECK we deserve, for our sen’or’ty! It time we move on –

Me: Hm, and where did you have in mind “moving on” to?

Buddha Girl: Eh, we go see Ms. Tina out east – or maybe Ms. Cholong in Californy!

Me: It appears you’ve given this some thought –

Angry Sparrow: Nah, it no brain-buster.



Zephyrus: Here are your sisters, Miss Plum – looks like they’ve been quite busy –

Tragic Plum: Oooooh, sisters, WHAT are you doing? I’ve been looking ALL over for the toilet! Ooooo…!

Buddha Girl: You know wat we do – we movin’ OUT. An’ you brought you pack mule – good! Start loadin’ him up.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we runninoutta room here.



Zephyrus: I BEG your pardon – I am not a MULE! *hmph*

Buddha Girl: Eh, close enough – you gots four legs. Be glad we waived de ol’ Chinese rule ‘bout eatin’ tings wit four legs!

Tragic Plum: Ooo, but sister, I never said I wanted to leave Ms. Beamlette’s… you know what happens when we leave without her… I really don’t like being on the receiving end of those “good cop/bad cop” situations… nooo



**sound of squeaky little wheels**

Zephyrus: Hallo there, Ms. Moth – where might you be going this fine day, with your full wagon?

Moth: I hear you goinsomewheres, so I gots all my good stuff packed – can I go wit you too?

Buddha Girl: Eh, why not. Jus’ don’ ‘spec us to stop, d’o – you gots ta keep up.



Moth: Oooh, I REAL good at dat! I knows SHORTCUTS, so I kin tell you ALL where ta go!



Angry Sparrow: You don’ wanna hear where I tink you otta go *grumble*.



Me: Well, I’m glad I caught you before you left town. I had Ms. Spampy make these darling panties for you, and it would have been a shame for them to go to waste, since I wouldn’t have known where to send them.

Zephyrus: *BLUSH* Ms. Beamlette! How indiscreet – do forgive me, Ms. Plum; I shall avert my eyes –

Buddha Girl: Hey, dese real swell… tanks, Ms. Beamlette

Angry Sparrow: Yeh… tanks. We make room for dese.

Tragic Plum: Oooh… look at all the colors… which pair should I wear… ooooh



Me: And speaking of colors, Ms. Spampy sent this bonus pair – leopard print! Wasn’t that thoughtful of her?

Buddha Girl: Dem’s some fancy pants all right – dat Ms. Spampy a GENIUS wit de sewin’!

Angry Sparrow: Dose some HOT pants.

Moth: How dey HOT? I don’t see no fires – is dey for LIARS?

Tragic Plum: Oooh, I COULDN’T lie about wearing those, nooo

Zephyrus: In this instance, Ms. Plum, I would RECOMMEND you withhold the truth – please! **continues to avert eyes**



Buddha Girl: Eh, Ms. Beamlette, we retink dis now – we stay a while longer, in ‘preciation a’ wat you done for us –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we stay. It be less drafty now.

Me: That’s very sweet of you. You know I’ve been worried about your going commando since you’ve been here –

Zephyrus: Ms. Beamlettttttttte…! **trying to maintain disinterested air**

Me: Sorry, Zephyrus. I’ll try to make more story opportunities for you, this year, girls, though you will have to understand that I’m not as quick as I used to be. Production values take more time then they once did.

Buddha Girl: Dat okay – we jus’ speak up, give you dat little kick now an’ den, so you don’ forget.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, a li’l kick.

Tragic Plum: Ooh, I really don’t want to have to kick you, Ms. Beamlette… *stares at panties* We could just snap YOUR elastic, instead… okay?...

Moth: Hmmm… wonner if dese fit ME?...

Me: I don’t think so, sweetie. I’ll ask Ms. Spampy to make you a pair of your own.


~~~And of course a BIG thank-you to Jenifer Burns, aka Spampy, for the AMAZING itty-bitty Sparrow-size panties!~~~



Crisis averted, and the “draft” situation has finally been addressed!


Meantime, another crisis reaches a tipping point –


Around here, "cosplay" has become another word for "annoying"



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