Around here, "cosplay" has become

 another word for "annoying"

Posted January 29, 2009




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For a refresher/explanation, to this story, follow the link: Hell hath no fury...



Tabitha: You’ve -- summoned me?...

Me: That I did. So, Tabby, I see you’re still into the “Hell Girl” cosplay thing – even got yourself a more accurate copy of her schoolgirl outfit; very nice. I grudgingly admit you look rather, um, cute in it –

Breezy: **unheard by Tabitha** As cute as young rats and snakes can look!



Me: And, I also see you haven’t used my account to sell off Elves, which I do appreciate –

Tabitha: M-hm… but, “there always has to be a price to pay…”

Breezy: **unheard by Tabby** No bargains to be had!



Me: That’s what they say -- quid pro quo, and all that, besides Ai’s line in “Hell Girl”. You can’t keep playing at being Ai, and not expect repercussions when you get on our nerves around here. It’s not just me that it’s wearing thin on –

Breezy: **still unheard by Tabby** “Thin”? Try “bare-a**-nekkid!

Tabitha: Hmmmm… “this is vengeance…”



Tabitha: “…Pulling the thread will bind you into a covenant with me…”  Shall I pull the thread?...

Me: Not if you don’t want to be grounded. Chance will back me up on this, not to mention some other folks around here –



Me: Hey -- speaking of Chance, where is he? He was supposed to bring you in here – what do you know about that?

Tabitha: Chance?... I think... someone served vengeance upon him… “that damned soul, wallowing in his sin…”

Me: That somebody being YOU, I bet! *calling* CHANCE! Where are you, Chance?



Oona: Ms. Beamlette, I found Chance locked in one of the closets – poor guy was banging away, for I-don’t-know-how-long –

Chance: I didn’t mean to be late to our meeting, Ms. Beamlette – I was ambushed, and I think both you and I have a pretty good idea who had a hand in that!

Me: No kidding – the usual suspect, to paraphrase an old movie line *wry grin*.



Chance: Tabby, why do you keep doin’ this “Hell Girl” thing – it’s getting REAL old, now that it’s 3 months after Halloween. It was a cool costume then, but now you’re just drivin’ us all nuts – though I know that’s mainly why you LIKE to do it –

Oona: Like pretty much anything else Tabby does!

Me: Pretty much, Oona… just that it’s time for a change of annoyance *snerk*.

Tabitha: Huhhhhh



Tabitha: I’ll stop bein’ “Hell Girl” if you stop bringin’ in MORE Elves!!! NO MORE ELVES, MS. BEAMLETTE!!! Why do you keep lettin’ in those pointy-eared freaks?

Me: Now, Tabby, I can’t promise that – mine is a house of refuge, for Elves, and otherwise – like you and Maeby and Chance, too –

Chance: I keep trying to tell her that, Ms. Beamlette, but she just won’t listen –

Oona: Check her ears for eye putty – I’ve caught her before, using it that way.



Tabitha: Fine! Then I can’t promise when I’ll EVER stop being “Hell Girl”! Not until MY grievance is avenged *glare*.

Chance: Tabby, stop it, now. I’m not gonna let you talk this way to Ms. Beamlette, not anymore –

Oona: Good luck… **rubs neck**

Me: Fine, Chance – I’ll leave it to you and Oona to talk some sense into her, since she won’t listen to me – for now, as far as I’m concerned, this conversation is over.



Chance: I’m sorry about letting this get so out of hand, Ms. Beamlette. You know I’m grateful for all you’ve done for us. I promise I’ll get to the bottom of it –

Me: I know, Chance… good luck. Better you than me!

Tabitha: *grumble* Now I’m being ferried to Hell – ironic, huh?

Oona: Nooo… just to your room – which does bear a resemblance.

**they exit**



Me: **looking at totem on desk** Hmmm… “just untie the scarlet thread…”  Tempting… but… nahhhhh



Do you think I would REALLY pull that red thread? Well…


Tabitha may be temporarily subdued, but not vanquished –


Go To Your Room



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