Hell hath no fury...

Posted October 29, 2008




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Chance: …and then he said, “I like working with my hands,” making this gesture –

Me: Uh-huh… **looking back at screen** WHAT THE -- !



Chance: What’s wrong, Ms. Beamlette?

Me: Grrrr… Chance, go find your sister – and you know which one I mean – immediately!

Chance: Oh-oh (should’ve known she DIDN’T delete it, after all!) – sure thing, Ms. Beamlette -- **hurries off**



Tabitha: … You summoned me?...

Me: M-hm – and I think you know what about.



Me: Okayyyy… why are you dressed up like that?

Tabitha: I’m test-driving my Halloween costume – d’ya like it? “My name – is Ai.”

Me: Very nice, Hell Girl. Now hop up on the desk; we need to have a talk.



Tabitha: So… you think I look like Hell Girl?

Me: M-hm, the spitting image, sweetie. Nothing a little Visine couldn’t help. But let’s get back to why I called you in here –



Me: And what is up with this – this eBay auction? I told you, over and over again, NO selling the Elves!

Tabitha: Hm?... Ai knows nothing of this… Ai was summoned…



Me: I summoned SOMEBODY, at any rate. Nice touch there; I see you have the little straw figure –

Tabitha: Yup – BF Carl got it for me. Really cool of him –



Tabitha: “If you truly desire to take revenge upon those who have wronged you, just untie the scarlet thread from the totem’s neck. Pulling the thread will bind you into a covenant with me” –



Tabitha: “However, once vengeance has been served, you will have to deliver on your end of the bargain…

Me: Okay, now you’re starting to creep me out a little, Tabby –



Tabitha: “There always has to be a price to pay…



Tabitha: “Oh pitiful shadow, lost in the darkness, bringing torment and pain to others…



Tabitha: “Oh damned soul, wallowing in your own sin – perhaps it is time to die!” –

Me: Now cut that OUT!!! **glare**



Tabitha: **flings self on desk, crying** You didn’t hafta YELL at me! *sob – sniff*

Me: Oh, for Pete’s sake – ! *sigh* At least no one tried to bid on the Elves, so I don’t have THAT mess to clean up. But you have to promise me you won’t try that EVER again, especially on MY account! Do you hear me?

Tabitha: Yeah… I heard you *sniff*  No sellin’ Elves… on eBay…

Me: Or ANYWHERE else! I’ve always got to cover my bases with you, my little drama queen **shakes head**.



Tabitha: Uh-huh… **looking at the scarlet thread** “… The decision rests – with you.”


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