Another reason they call it “evil-Bay”

 Posted September 18, 2008




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Tabitha: *snerk*!



**enter Malfoy**

Malfoy: Hey, Tabby-tha… what’re you… doing?

Tabitha: Serious business here… so serious, it’s HILARIOUS! Or will be, when I’m done! Bwahahahaha!



Malfoy: I dunno if I like the sound of that… it’s like… my sister Gobby… you’re creeping me out…



Tabitha: And I dunno if I like being compared to your #@$% witchy sister, either – but this is just SO cool, what I’m doing, that I don’t care right now. I’ve got BIG plans hatchin’ here, Malfoy sweetie!



Malfoy: You’re on… eBay… right?

Tabitha: Uh-huh – and if I set this up right, I’ll be sittin’ pretty. There’s a call for these, you know. I’ve also got a back-up plan, just in case the reserve isn’t hit. But you reach a bigger audience with eBay, y’know.

Malfoy: So… you’re… selling something… what are you… selling?



Tabitha: Something that, in MY opinion, we’ve got too #@$% much of around here. I think you know what I mean!

Malfoy: **looks at screen** Oh… uh-oh! Ms. Beamlette’s… not gonna like that... nuh-uh…

Tabitha: What she don’t know won’t hurt her – heck, with so many of us, I dunno if she’ll EVER notice – haha!



Tabitha: **face darkens** And don’t you even THINK of telling her, Malfoy!

**Chance enters**

Chance: Tell WHO what, Tabby? I don’t like the sound of this –



Tabitha: Nothin’! I was just doing homework – wasn’t I, Malfoy? **glares**

Chance: **looks at screen** And when is eBay part of your homework?

Tabitha: We’re supposed to learn how capitalism works, so I’m studyin’ how eBay works. It’s an ASSIGNMENT, right, Malfoy?

**Malfoy flinches**



Chance: Stop ragging on Malfoy, Tabby. I can see what you’re up to – trying to sell the Elves around here! Ms. Beamlette’s NOT going to like that, believe me!

Tabitha: But – but – HOW can you stand up for them? HOW?

Chance: “Stand up for them” -- what does that mean? They’re Ms. Beamlette’s guests, just like us. They’re nice and mind their own business, as far as I can tell. But if you don’t cancel those auctions NOW, I will tell Ms. Beamlette.

Tabitha: My brother, the NARC!



Malfoy: Tabby… don’t be… like that… do what Chance tells you… please…



Tabitha: Oh, all RIGHT! #@$% **clicks keys** There, deleted – ya happy?

Malfoy: Yes… I am… thank… you… Tabby-tha

Chance: Thank you, Malfoy – I owe you one for heading off that disaster. Tabby, you’ve got too much time on your hands – go check on Maeby and Ulf, will you – now!

Malfoy: C’mon, Tabby… I’ll help… you…



Tabitha: **thinking** -- but you bet your #@$% it’s not the end of this!



Later that night…


**keys clicking**

Tabitha: **to self** …It’s not over ‘til it’s soldheheheh.



Is it my imagination, or does Tabby look EVIL there?


We now turn to the tiny and whimsical, in the forms of Moth and Lovechild, as they venture forth with me into the world –


Moth and Lovechild’s Excellent Adventure



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