Moth and Lovechild’s Excellent Adventure

Posted September 23, 2008




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Author’s note –

I took 2 tinies with me on a short trip to Aptos, CA recently, and of course had to take pics along the way.


Moth: Ooo, looka, dere’s OUR car! I ready ta go, how ‘bouts you, Lovechil’?



Lovechild: Ms. Beamlette says we need to eat some breakfast, first.

Moth: I knows where ta fin’ som’p’tin ta eat – I saw dem when we gots here lasnite. I shows you if you wants!

Lovechild: Well… I think I want breakfast – it depends on WHAT you saw –



Moth: Mmmm, see – dey’s nice red BERRIES, yum!



Lovechild: *sigh* I guess they’re framboises… how I wish mon père were here to verify. The bugs seem to like them, anyway!



Lovechild: Moth, how do you like my begonia blossom chapeau? At least we’ll have a photo that I can show to my maman when we go home –



Moth: I gots dis BIIIIIG purple one – oooo, it’s heavy! *wobble*

Lovechild: Oh, you’re just being a show-off, ‘cause yours is bigger than mine *pout*. It is pretty, though *said grudgingly*…



Moth: Dat a nice car ride – but dis all we come see, BIG sunflowwer? It nice sunflowwer, I not really complainin’ –

Lovechild: No, Ms. Beamlette came to see someone that works here in one of these buildings. She just gets distracted, is all –



Lovechild: She thinks we look cute next to big things – even though EVERYTHING is big compared to us, no surprise –

Moth: Yeahhhh – I real used to it. ‘Sides, when it come to food, den I gots LOTS!



Moth: Looka BIIIIIG treehouse! Wonner who made dat, an’ why –

Lovechild: It’s part of the office building of the person Ms. Beamlette came to visit –



Moth: I’s gonna need help openin’ DAT door – even ta ring da doorbell, too!

Lovechild: Oh, don’t worry – Ms. Beamlette says to come ’round to another door. Hurry, she won’t hold it forever, you slowpoke.



Moth: Ooooo, wat you think de li’l man is doindere? An’ looka all de pretty rocks!

Lovechild: He’s supposed to be fishing, though without water, I’m not sure he’ll get anything –



Moth: But why wouldn’ he? Maybe he catch SAN’DABS! Huh?

Lovechild: Well… I guess he COULD. Since it’s mostly sand, anyway…



Moth: Dis lady look nice, but she SO w’ite – who she, annyway?

Lovechild: Shhhh, I think she’s resting.

Guan Yin: I am meditating, little ones. Be still, and listen to your inner voice…

Moth: **stomach growls** Mine is HUN-GRY!

Guan Yin: No problem – there is a very nice restaurant down the street –



Moth: It same name as our frien’s at home!

Lovechild: I wonder if the Sparrow Sisters know about this –



Moth: Looka all de food dey kin make here – I wants some’a EVERYTHING!

Lovechild: Even a “Sparrow Omelet” – though I don’t think it’s made with sparrow eggs – but it’s got chicken livers in it. Bet the Sparrow Sisters would approve of that *tiny smile*.



Lovechild: Haha, look, Moth, at the painting. It’s full of birds acting like people in a restaurant.

Moth: An’ the cat’s inna cage – I REALLY like dat!!!



Moth: I likes da beach – but wat dey use dis for?

Lovechild: It’s a firepit. When it gets cold and dark, you can make a fire to keep warm – and you can make s’mores --

Moth: An’ make S’MORES! Um, wat’s S’MORES?

Lovechild: It’s moths toasted on a stick!

Moth: NOOOOOOO! I don’ wanna be on a stick!

Lovechild: It’s just a JOKE – ‘cause you ask so many QUESTIONS! Sheesh!



Moth: I still gonna ask questions… like wat dat inna water dere?

Lovechild: I didn’t think you’d stop, anyway – that’s OK. Ms. Beamlette says that’s a famous old boat made out of concrete. It’s been there for years and years, now – but you can’t go on it anymore.



Follow this link to learn about the old concrete ship on Seacliff Beach --



Moth: So no one tol’ the BIRDS, den, not to go onnit?

Lovechild: Even if they did, do you think birds listen?

Moth: Nawwwwdey just POOP, instead.

Lovechild: Yeah… they sure DO.



Moth: Dis a nice dinner – but wat in dat glass dat Ms. Beamlette drink?

Lovechild: That’s wine. My papa drinks it all the time, and says wine is good for you –

Moth: Oh – I try some, den –



Moth: Ooooooh – I feel funny all a sudden – things went all tippy… *hic*



Uh-oh, another drunk – but not mean, like the Sparrows!


The action returns to the normal-sized girls – and women – in my world, in –


Girl Talk – and talk – and talk



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